Because Its LIFE

Because Its LIFE

3 mins 91 3 mins 91

Stop that screaming that ain't gonna help.

It was already a haunting horrible skelp.

Give me some room and time to know myself.

There is no fucking situation I haven't dealt.

They can't take the fact, I'm not an ordinary whelp. 

My life ain't shitting on a conveyer belt.

There is no fucking way I could use your help. 

I felt it coming, like the hell, I felt

Get the fuck outta here, 

That's the only way you gonna help yourself. 

I had no words because I knew noone there.

I would try to show my poems to just tell you my fear.

My mind and mouth froze as nothing was clear.

Everyone passed, but I couldn't move in that year. 

Don't try your spells it never gonna adhere. 

I got a resting bitch face, because of a frozen tear. 

You talk behind me, you got no balls my dear.

You can ditch me, I'm too sincere. 

You knew I chose a false solution, you took me there. 

As soon as I was born it is so fucking clear

That this is not my jamming atmosphere. 

I had to throw all those fake laughs and smiles. 

But my confidence and happiness (was) away a million miles. 

But I don't know what kept me going in my style. 

There is a force in me, that would never butt dial.

I'm still figuring out, I got a few more trials. 

My thoughts are unreal, say I got no percentile.

I don't know, (I still don't know) how big are all my projectiles. 

'This boy' never moved a nick, that's a thing, that would make them rile.

Your petty mind can never consider my lifestyle. 

Still, I smile and go as it'd never reconcile. 

My face hurts when I smile against my brain brawn 

Now, my turn, oh wait, you are already gone.

I kept waiting for it, but never came the dawn. 

I had everything right there, no idea how to act upon. 

Before I realized, deep into this shit, I was already drawn. 

I yawned back to sleep, thinking when I wake-up all begone. 

I woke the next morning, but this nightmare never gone. 

I think my path was just another glossy con. 

Days gone, years passed, but these wounds haven't withdrawn. 

When someone asks, I just don't know what the hell is wrong. 

I know I cannot hide from that tragedy,

So, I pretend and close my eyes, that is my remedy. 

Because I bug you and you made your life a parody. 

You can't stand a chance, that's it, it's just, gotta be.

I talk real shit, you think that's my weaponry, my fantasy. 

Only cause it will be against your fucking legacy. 

Your ego, just got fed up with me.

Being just another ignorant shit is your recipe. 

Ought to be, shit to be, but that crap ain't gonna hit me. 

You got no stupid guts to beef with me.

There's nothing called hope, you put me in a rat-race,

Just a matter of fact, I'm in my own, fucking, race. 

To remind you that I'm not under your gaze, 

Just be yourself, cause that's not going to slow my pace. 

I'm an ace, you better have, the strongest brace, 

You won't find me anymore crying, I won't leave a trace.

Before you wake-up I'll be long gone to my place. 

Otherwise, you'll keep backstabbing me, in that case. 

But you always needed me, still wanted my grace. 

 Ok, I'm coming to you, you don't have to chase. 

When you listen to me, you are my new friend. 

Then in your way you trynna get me bend. 

Otherwise, I'm thrashed, before it starts it ends.

I feel awfully disgusted just trying to blend. 

Because I've bent myself so in a different trend. 

I know it is a clusterfuck but still don't wanna mend. 

Because, I entered a field of vision I couldn't apprehend. 

I'm already a grown-up, I cannot play 'pretend'. 

I don't intend to impress, this bullshit I cannot comprehend. 

But there's something in me, telling that I'll go over and transcend. 

The ups and downs kept me going as it keeps reminding me I'm still alive.

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