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Nurul Hoque



Nurul Hoque


Image Of Reflected Lines

Image Of Reflected Lines

4 mins

Umpteenth times did I beseech you to come to me

But you didn't comply at all

Severing the bond with mountains, forest and sea

You didn’t come to Dhaka with me.

Do you remember Kavita,

That day you and me

Leaning on the dome if clouds

watched together

The ocean's immense coexistent millennial


How beautiful! 

    You said softly.

I stepped down easily deep inside the sea

To discover you

After a while, 

I surfaced with some colorful words

You said, “knot them in a string,”

And I obeyed.

And thus was created

A female statue in your style

Thereafter, when I see a woman

I call her Kabita, Oh Kabita.

But never you were jealous

Nor your eyes showed any tinge of shyness.

Kavita do you still

Swim in the clear water of Karnafully river?

Or, sitting in ravines of red soils

Enjoying the moisture laden breeze?

Once upon a time,

you could not sleep in the scent of delphinium

You would say,

Let's die holding this beauty to our heart.

I used to laugh at your feminine traits.

Do you know dear,

I'm now a mechanical tangle in a city writhing in pain

Dollar and dinars are flying over my head

Dhaka city gives birth to hatred and anger every moment.

In the scuffle of gain and loss

No new poem touches my sky.

Emotions of past got erased from my mind

Though, emotions have no value in this city

People here are trapped in the hard chains of artificiality,

Love is constantly being polluted

There is no value of love

Love has been entrapped by the power of shillings

High mansions made of brick and stone

Cries like a silent spectator

Everyday in this city

Every highway is tired of indiscipline

Eyes of some women spritz

Molten lava of volcano

Floating in that lava

I stand straight with my spine without my knowledge

You know dear,

A shocking incident happened that day

I called your name seeing

A lady who looked just like you

I thought you have come to this city in search of me In some hour of night

To take back your poet

That lady looked at me all in rage

I felt like a new Romeo

Who escaped the manuscript of Shakespeare a while ago

Her eyes were hot like a furnace

Where the iron acrylic is refined

My feelings ruptured in a moment

My broken soul crumbled under her feet.

I sank in the pond of remorse

But emerged again

Due to an invisible gesture

My broken soul was mended

After my depressed feelings got rejuvenated

I saw some black blood clots all around

Understood when I came to this city

Human blood also turns black

The heart of a man gets ruined.

The machine to generate love

Everyday here in this city gets killed

The greens for no reason gets ruined in a moment

On the sidewalk in every lane

Conscience fades in hot breath

People are running like an ocean

But reaching the destination is just 

    an imagination

People may begin their journey 

 which never meets an end

Young generation is depressed for this endlessness

I watch in their eyes

Their broken pieces dreams.

Some poems like you

Whom I discovered in poetic cosmos

Wearily excavating their talents everyday

My city doesn’t tries to remember them.

Arin, Diba, Jinnat, Parveen

And many nameless cousins of yours

Whose ribs are lighted by abundance of rows

But this city eats sharks

Zarina, who just arrived from a village,

Sokhina, who was abandoned by her husband

Are engrossed in stitching their broken dreams

But there is also frustration of an endless wait

Oportunist vultures devour their dreams

This city is in pain beneath uncountable footsteps

Stifled as a defeated soldier

While walking along the sidewalks in midnight

I saw miseries lying parallel to each other

I heard cries of tangled untold tears

Sometimes I just sit in night’s balcony

And feel the waves of unseen people in my blood.

The flow of humans stuffed with emptiness

Approaching every day

I shiver at the thought,

If we don’t become alert now

Then one day this city will become unfit for settlement

Now as the vehicles snuggle together at every traffic light

Under the nose top of Traffic police

Then the whole city will just be filled with people in cars

There will be no empty space to move forward

Will stand like a static mountain

Hours after hours

day after day in one point.

When was this city born?

Who inherited this city

How many days ago, how many years ago

Someone says four hundred years

More! Shouts the other.

What was on this land in the earlier days?

Who was and how was it?

I want to know each and everything.

Do you know Kavita,

Oh my peaceful land embellished with mountains and sea

My soul has established a connection with this city

I talk to her in silence

I talk to her covertly

I wipe her overflowing eyes

She beseeches me

Poet, please put me on wheels

 I will go to the village's greens

I will go to my mother surrounded by ponds, rivers and lakes

That is my true homeland

Shining like a full moon

Where among the morning’s hue spreading their feathers the birds fly.

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