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And Always Will Be

And Always Will Be

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You smiled.

The smile, so sweet, when I first cried,

became the first language I learned,

And as it brought to your eyes, a tear,

A tear of joy, made me feel so near…

Your first kiss on my cheeks was so cold,

As your lips overjoyed and shivered

and your first hug, made me feel the warmth

Of the immense love, and thenceforth

You became the answer to all my questions…

Just as I became your world, u became mine too…

And always will be, always…


My biggest happiness was to see your smiles 

My favorite game was to walk on your feet, for miles

My only aim was to reach your shoulders

And that was my only world of wonders 

My favorite destination was your lap 

And what I always longed for, was the gentle tap

My biggest adventure was to keep up with your pace

My only hobby was to watch you, your grace

My only fear was your absence

Even if it lasted only for seconds

But it took no time to bring back the giggle

And to reach you, I did my impatient wriggle

Because you were the answer to all my questions

Just as I became your world, u were mine too

And always will be, always… 

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