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Pratiksha Pattanaik



Pratiksha Pattanaik


An Unknown Fault

An Unknown Fault

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Dawdling around an unknown path,

Unaware of the treacherous future,

I was blooming like a beautiful flower,

In a garden full of thorns and weaklings,

I was glowing and growing,

I was nurtured into an elegant flower,

Learning it's way to live and love,

I was roaming around unknown of evil's existence,

I had my own little world,

Roaming, running and rambling around,

I was lost in the midst of the path,

In the never-ending road,

I panicked and searched my way out,

But, in vain I couldn't see the way,

I waited and prayed for a way out,

And in a flash I saw a human,

Who was an evil disguised as angel,

I was unknown of its intention,

He was dressed in khaki,

Giving a promise of protection,

But, suddenly the khaki vardi turned black,

He threw me to the bushes,

And ripped my dress into half,

I shrieked, shouted and cried,

I begged for mercy,

But, alas! None of it was heard,

He not only killed my body,

but also ripped my soul into half,

I cried and begged until,

My voices became numb,

And my body became living dead.

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