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Engelyn Rafael



Engelyn Rafael


An Old Good-Soul

An Old Good-Soul

1 min 73 1 min 73

"You mean, a family?, I asked him.

A ridiculous smile plastered on my face

Memories from childhood flashed over me

A blast life, nay a sublime one thinking of a family

That was years ago,

When things were yet as good as the sunset

When it didn't hide behind

In the scary-looking rain cloud

That was years ago,

When one doesn't clamor for anything

When I but a child, full of admiration

In the world of goals and accomplishments

That was years ago,

When my appetite doesn't spoil me

When eating is just a stress-free

Not a fountain for filling the void inside me

Yet, a confusion clawed in the edges of my brain

And a dim thought echoed inside me

My mind struggled at this frightful alteration

Of the sudden change of my whole world

I, an old good-soul trapped in a young body.

Seeking comfort in the room of an ashtray

Wishing that again, stars would come out one by one

Like pinpricks through a veil

Then, I gave him a bemused look and answered;

I would never ask for a time machine

But an acceptance of my so-called family

With an eye the same way that was years ago.

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