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Prajakta Chaudhari


An Autistic Child

An Autistic Child

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Today, I am autistic,

Blessed, healthy and fine in realistic.

Just a person with different abilities,

With hope that future is full of possibilities.

I am the misunderstood child,

Since I scream in tantrums and go wild.

Bright lights hurl my eyes; eye contact keeps me bothering,

I hold trouble in concentrating and difficulty in listening.

Locked inside in my own world of uncomfortable sensations,

I struggle to show my all emotions.

It is not that I do not listen to you,

It is just that I do not understand you.

You will never know how panic I am from inside,

When I am in anger and fright or my feelings are laid aside.

Request you to be patient with my limited vocabulary,

Tears fall from my eyes; at times everything is so scary.

I want to be with others but do not know the way,

So just please be silent witness in my play.

I fear the unknowns and like the routine,

Since, I know what to expect in between.

Today I am a rainbow of chaos,

Colorful, beautiful I stand out like you too because.

Grandparents think there could be cure,

Friends hope that it is not contagious for sure.

Others are fed up of my words repetition,

Doctors assured it is not sickness but part of my autism.

I think I don't suffer from anything,

But I suffer from the way you treat me for everything.

It is a battle fought all day,

More than awareness, I hope for acceptance every day.

I long to belong as like you normally,

I want to be loved and care unconditionally.

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