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Sujata Dash



Sujata Dash


All Is Not Lost

All Is Not Lost

1 min

All is not lost

Only our faith and belief are put to toss

This too will pass this too will go

The forward is taking baby steps

The process remains a bit slow

We need not lose heart

For ...we have begun a new painting life's canvas

The desert will flourish ...hope will fruition to oasis

Wishes will bloom desire will blossom

We can brave it and wipe out from horizon

The pandemic has taken its toll

Yet remains unstoppable, is on a roll

The scare has crippled mind and core

Fear of losing near and dear ones

Has shrouded the entire atmosphere

On this backdrop we need to act strong

Consolidate for a better future

The scare will be part of our life for sometime

We are to evolve in respect of habits and perspective

Hold hands and stand by each other like tower

For it remains need of the hour

We have faced many misfortunes

Countered many onslaughts

Yet, each time emerged victorious

There will be turn around for sure

With patience and fine tuning we shall better our score

Absolute intent never fails nor fervent hope disappoints

Soon, we shall be on a winning spree indulge in mirth, happiness

Pulsating, riveting clicks will simmer with life's essence.

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