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Venkatesh R

Abstract Classics Inspirational


Venkatesh R

Abstract Classics Inspirational



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There are blooms, providing fragrance and beauty.

There are fruits, providing the tenancy while carving the wilderness.

There are planks, providing condiments while establishing dwellings for myriad.

There is Annelida, Apoidea empowering verve in the realm.

There is a battalion of Formicidae and microbe who are part of horticulture while creating spirit out of the dead.

There are arthropods, who architect the net as its monarch tirelessly, to impress the failures.

There are aves, who drift across the continents without a permit, like a tourist, who redefines aerodynamics.

There is swift-moving Cervus, who survives by being prey every day, in the dark woods.

There are wild cats, who rule the fantastic lumber, by being a predator while combating their existence from intelligent prey.

There are magnanimous mammals, Who architects their path by guiding their herd. While living in hunger, with a chronic loss.

There are cetacea who dive, the unearthed blue, and live in harmony. while polythene destroys their mysterious kingdom.

There are simian, the primates who wrangle the habitual loss while accommodating to the concrete jungle.

Each soul prevails with purpose and celebrates sovereignty while battling the survival of existence.

But we humans, the intelligent species.

Do we applaud freedom of existence? 

With a balance of endeavor, clan, and self-love, have we become a slave, and forgotten to be alive by separating ourselves from nature?

When we find a reason to die, Why can't we find a reason to dwell?

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