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Premjit Sunil Gatigante



Premjit Sunil Gatigante


Abiding Citizen of Free India!

Abiding Citizen of Free India!

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Freedom is not a name of flying bird,

It's a unit of every living being, 

Freedom is a gift,

For you and me,

Freedom is a Divine,

Hurry up

We need to be strong and maintain our freedom! 

Let's help to eradicate,

The poisoning of people's minds,

Their lives, their freedoms, and replace it all,

With what people like us know 

What matters: LOVE and PEACE!

Stand up for what you believe in,

Fight for your rights,

 Speak when you know what's going on is wrong!

 Freedom is being free in spirit body and mind,

Born in a free country like India,

I have my freedom to express my thoughts,

Freedom to pursue my dreams,

Freedom to visit the places I desire,

Freedom to do whatever I like, 

And be a law-abiding citizen of free India!

My Independence has come for a price,

Paid by many freedom fighters,

Who fought till their last breath,

I cannot fathom their struggle,

It brings tears to my eyes, 

When I listen to the patriotic songs,

Watch movies and read their stories,

The truth, the history of the struggles!

But today I enjoy my freedom,

With deep gratitude and respect,

I salute

To freedom fighters,

To The Armed forces of my country,

For protecting and safeguarding me,

When I enjoy my freedom, my life

I salute them all

And Recite , The Pledge

And promise that I will never bring dishonour to my country.

Happy Independence Day!

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