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Uma Vinod

Abstract Drama Inspirational


Uma Vinod

Abstract Drama Inspirational

A Veritable Victory

A Veritable Victory

2 mins

A cloud looms over a sunny horizon,

Sowing seeds of apprehension,

On an unsuspecting dominion,

Shoving millions into desperation,

Haplessness leading to frustration.

Halting humongous tasks midway,

Treads forward with unrelenting power,

Marching with a mindless vengeance,

Trampling lives and dreams in its wake,

Some innocent, others not so.

Never before the emphasis prominent,

On the basic etiquettes of sanitation,

Countenances shrouded with safety masks,

Scrubbing and scraping in retaliation,

To the advent of an unseen predator.

Gone are the days when merry laughter, 

Filled the corridors of gloomy workspaces,

The fun_filled banter, the envy_laced gossip,

The shared meals, the idea exchanges,

Dwindle into oblivion as things of the past.

Shades of grey smother the walls,

Of temples of learning, vacant and lost,

Those busy hands and feet that once,

Tripped, tottered through those interiors,

Remain bound to mindless gizmos.

Amidst the desolation and pathos,

That haunt the healers' domain,

Those angels with a passion to save lives,

With an aura of hope, a tiara of positivity,

Rise in unison with a common goal.

Striving with all their might and passion,

These knights in shining armor,

Persevere in resistance to an invisible foe,

Braving threats of uncontrolled contagion,

Hold forth a beacon of hope.

Days of fear and caution give way,

To resilience and resigned composure,

Yet remains unvanquished the undying spirit,

Striking in defiance of an uninvited guest,

A detested, unwanted visitor.

Be that as it may, we are sure to rise,

Victorious despite losses and wounds,

For, have we not faced a multitude of

Challenges hurled mercilessly,

With seemingly impossible resolution?

Time and again have we reborn,

From the ashes of undisputed defeat,

In pursuit of a better morrow,

Gathering shreds of pragmatic feats

Weaving kaleidoscopic aspirations...

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