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Shijil Paleri

Romance Classics Fantasy


Shijil Paleri

Romance Classics Fantasy

A Train That Never Arrived

A Train That Never Arrived

1 min 272 1 min 272

Waiting at the station

Hoping for some sensation

Bored with passing time

If losing every dime

Felt divine movement nearby

Somebody to someone said a hi

A heavenly beauty sitting in front

The whole of mine, just a hint

Her big eye's, rolling round

She smiled and looked around

Felt a wave within

A crush cruise in

Felt the impact of likeliness

Hearty love nothing less

It's difficult to distinguish between truth and fake

It Will prove it's not just a bake

It's difficult to withstand the force

Tired of caring about these feeling's

Just a relief, nothing more

It's ma feeling, please don't roar

Felt like Harley Quinn(Margot)

Smooth and cool music like a violin

Searching for the entry

Exit is only I can see

Something I found that's never lost

Your definition for me, no cost

In-depth of my heart

You can always hear the beat

You are sunshine that's mine

I’m tied with binder twine

Racked in feelings

That’s not healing

From distance looking at you

One among the crowd but something to pursue

Every time, passing you

Heart wrapped in wings, I flew

Your memories will be here's alive

And it lives in my poem forever

It takes a fraction of seconds

For the pen and ink to flow

I hope this curtain will fall

Name of mine will get a call

Hoping for some sensation

Still, waiting at the station

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