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Ratna Kaul Bhardwaj



Ratna Kaul Bhardwaj


A quest - Where lies The Truth

A quest - Where lies The Truth

2 mins

Unknown to her own self

She grew from an infant

To a composed youth,

In the lap of Nature,

Under the strong shadow

And firm hold of few hands,

All the time watching

The glamorous world

With false reverence,

Least humanity,

Passing from morn to nights.

The wildish thoughts,

The fair but masked complexions

Of graceful descents,

Added to her confusions,

And nowhere, the conclusions.

The talks of aged,

Thunderous laughter,

Rebellious thoughts of youth,

With least morals

Heartless praises,

Painted glow on faces,

All with pathless destinations;

These faces ,masters of the present;

Aren’t they like huge sticks

Dividing the ocean waves?

Was the world same before

Or with ages it has changed?

At the lengths, from day to dawn

She wanders in her

Swift circling thoughts,with a hope

To clear her doubts,

Enhance her knowledge,

Broaden her vision, above all

To know the true purpose of life,

Also to know the world

With her own insight.

She wanders in the fluttering pages

Of huge shelves with rigid protective covers,

Wanders in age old shrines,

Also the Cultures, ancient medieval.

But Where lies the truth

Of the present age and the man

Who has forgotten The God,

Has challenged, Nature

Lost the soul.

The heat of hate, jealousy, anger

And the quest for material riches;

Has become the prime goal.

Missing are virtues of conduct,

Courage, wisdom and compassion.

Change is there in society’s norm,

Truth to ignore,hug the fake,

grace the false, hide the facts

Woven are the thoughts with fantasies,

Missing is the connect.

Was it the history past?

Of course not!

How could then have the world

For millions of centuries, last.

Certain aspects under covers,

Certain illusions, being spread,

Is this a call for evolution,

A call for human lives to know in abundance,

But then! where lies “the truth?”

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