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Arivazhagan Subbarayan


A Peek Into The Dark...!

A Peek Into The Dark...!

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I looked for happiness outside, 

Instead of peeking into the crevices among the entwined neuronal bundle inside! 

Confused by my brain's incessant blabber, 

I couldn't find peace in any of its chambers! 

Enjoy all the alluring things in the world,

Some parts of my idiotic brain snarled! 

Though I accepted it's irrelevant to talk till today, 

I didn't find real happiness' way!

Part of my brain guided me towards momentary pleasures, 

Ignoring the ultimate treasures! 

Great men talked about delaying immediate gratification, 

How is that possible in this notorious life of din and distraction? 

Will denying immediate pleasures guarantee long term happiness? 

Religions instructed our peace is in the 'now' and in the stillness! 

Pleasures are not that bad, 

If they don't hinder us moving ahead! 

If Pleasures pave the road to compulsion,

Life will lack compassion! 

If happiness is brought by compassion and connection with nature, 

Long term peace is assured in the future! 

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