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Anukriti Soni


  Literary Colonel

Money Can Buy!


Money can buy gifts, Money can buy houses, But it can never buy the smile that your mom lost

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Peshawar Attack (Pakistan)

Drama Tragedy

Classrooms are empty now, The walls are painted in red now, The benches are lonely now, The...

1    77 6

What A Moment !


The poem defines Nature love of raindrops and night's darkness.

1    368 47

Forgive me Ma !

Drama Tragedy

Now that I am forty six, I realized what Ma did, And why she did, I miss my Ma, I feel l...

1    76 10

The Day

Abstract Romance

The poem is about a man leaving alcohol for love.

1    301 45

Little Did She Know!


She was afraid of her father, His half burnt face and full burnt hands...

1    139 12

Hey Little Kiddo!

Children Stories Inspirational

The poem is an inspiration for little kids to follow their dreams.

1    82 15

Thing Between My legs

Drama Others

The things he do to me, You didn’t say a word; I know what the silence means.

2    904 76