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Aparna Subramanian   Author of the Year 2018 - Nominee

Did B.com from Nagpur University and M.A.in English literature from the University of Madras. I love reading books. Writing is my passion and my dream. I admire JK Rowling, Carolyn Keene, Jane Austen, Charlotte, and Emily Bronte. I salute Aphra Behn for being one of the first women writers to earn her living through writing. I also enjoy reading Sidney Sheldon, Robin Cook, Wordsworth's poems, and all mystery writers. read more

  Literary Brigadier

The Secret Of The Dead Family


A completely twisted tale - what is the secret of the dead?

16    86 2

Change Is Inevitable

Drama Inspirational

Snigdha sighed as she was getting ready for her marriage with Vaibhav Shinde...

5    128 8

Possible Or Impossible Part 2


Biswas started dreaming of his childhood quite often. Every moment of his past presented itself befo...

10    1.0K 84

Possible Or Impossible - Part1


Dr.Biswas Malik was a young scientist living in New Delhi...

6    435 29

Darkest Deadly Secret

Crime Drama

Pragya thanked God for saving her life from certain death.

10    1.0K 63

Karma Pays Back

Crime Tragedy

There was a huge crowd gathered outside her house. She pushed everyone aside and witnessed an awful ...

9    921 104

What's In A Name?

Children Comedy Inspirational

Akash Dutta and his wife Kamini had applied for rectification in the voter ID more than a month ago.

7    1.3K 44

Just Imagine If It Happened

Drama Others

The earth had changed completely by the year 2150. Hardly a few species of plants and animals were l...

10    704 83

Foul Play

Drama Tragedy

Shamita began her active campaign against the drugs abuse. She conducted road shows and distributed ...

10    1.7K 82

Goodbye Forever


Ankit asked her out of curiosity, "What have you done to your face? You should be eating the cucumbe...

10    3.8K 69

Nari Shakti: Power Of A Woman


Tina Sen checked her mobile for the hundredth time. She was expecting an important phone call.

13    7.3K 93

Curse Of The Werewolf

Drama Fantasy Thriller

What makes you think that her abnormal behavior is due to black magic or exorcism?

14    15.1K 59

Awesome Foursome


Rhea and her friends shared an apartment which was quite near to their office. Alka, Supriya, and Ja...

7    6.6K 128

Rising Like A Phoenix


He grew suspicious of her character. He used to taunt her and asked, " How many boyfriends do you ha...

9    13.2K 94

Misadventures Of Little Harsh

Children Drama

He realised that anger always reduced our capacity to think

7    16.0K 65

The Unpardonable Sin


Nobody could fill the void in her heart caused by Avni's death.

10    15.9K 140

Sweet Revenge

Crime Thriller

She made a couple of phone calls and a quick online payment. She smiled as she thought of a plan to ...

9    16.6K 120

The Missing Children Mystery


Inspector Anita Kelkar paid a visit to Dayanand Ashram for Children to investigate the mysterious di...

13    16.4K 168

The Power Of True Love

Drama Inspirational

The four friends went ahead and launched a website called www.narpida.com.

12    16.4K 127

Out Of Control


An interesting story of a time travel experiment and its effects

11    16.1K 135

Superstition Or Stupidity

Crime Inspirational

The astrologer and his disciple were in fact fugitives in disguise. They escaped from the police cus...

10    16.0K 128

Liberty At Last

Action Crime

She thought that the days in captivity taught her to respect freedom

8    16.2K 75

Deadly Robbers Outwitted

Crime Thriller

There was not even a gas stove in the kitchen. Even the laziest of the women certainly need it for p...

10    16.4K 107

Victory Of Justice


The truth will always win over a pack of lies.

9    17.2K 114

The Woman Who Was Jealous.


Story of Mridula, a housewife, who was jealous of the possessions and happening lifestyle of her fri...

6    17.3K 138

Adventure In Bermuda Triangle

Drama Thriller

"Welcome to my paradise," said a familiar voice with an unpleasant chuckle. He came near them and op...

8    8.6K 183

Adventure In Bermuda Triangle

Drama Thriller

"Welcome to my paradise," said a familiar voice with an unpleasant chuckle. He came near them and op...

8    8.1K 110

Evil Gets What Evil Desires

Crime Drama

Her homemade cakes pies and pastries became immensely popular. She hired an assistant to help her un...

8    16.5K 96

Being A Smartphone Is Not Easy

Children Fantasy

I am not against the use of smartphones. We should not get addicted to it. We have to use them for t...

9    8.2K 75

The Unexpected Twist In Tale

Drama Tragedy

a startling story of crime and drama

12    17.6K 148

Guru Dakshina: A Gift Of Life

Inspirational Tragedy

Our uniqueness lies in unity among diversity. We may speak different languages or follow different r...

8    17.4K 131

Revenge Of The Dead Woman

Crime Fantasy Horror

a gripping tale of revenge by a dead person

13    8.9K 170

Testing Times Of Faith

Drama Inspirational

A fantastic story depicting struggles and victory in life

11    1.9K 76

The Mystery Of The Masked Man

Action Crime

Sub-Inspector Patil added his input - All of them had one thing in common. They were rapists....

14    17.4K 113

A Crime For Passion

Crime Drama

Shoot the animals with a camera and not the gun.

13    18.4K 176

A Laughter Riot

Children Comedy Drama

The two friends went home together holding each other's hands.

8    9.1K 200

The Betrayal (Conclusion)


Arjun wanted to check Sheetal's background. He needed her photo for digging into her past...

13    19.1K 241

The Betrayal Part 1

Crime Drama Thriller

A Maharashtrian family was leading a perfectly peaceful life, until the arrival of a miserable woman...

12    18.5K 190

The Elusive Criminals

Crime Thriller

Inspector Prakash Khurana posted to Mayur Vihar police station in New Delhi was in trouble...

12    19.9K 301

The House Of Horrors


His face registered a look of pure horror. "This can't be true," he said, " Dead people don't come b...

10    20.6K 253

Suicide Of Neighbour


Manav answered - This is a blackmail message. The blackmailer knew about the late woman's shady past...

13    19.4K 258

Time For Adventure

Children Crime Inspirational

The day you lose your wealth, you will also lose your friends...

7    10.5K 247

A Grave Mistake

Crime Drama

Ragini was going through the photographs of some prospective bridegrooms. She looked at one photo an...

15    20.2K 240

The Aunty Syndrome

Comedy Others

Story of an obese woman on how she took to gym to reduce her weight, yet notwithstanding the crass a...

6    10.3K 247

The Classroom Conspiracy.


A story of a boy in a new school and how he tackles the adversities he faced..

8    10.3K 234

Mystery Unraveled

Crime Thriller

A mystery story involving kidnapping, murder and betrayal..

14    18.9K 322

A School With A Difference.


A story about the failing education system in our country and the schools which provide a claustroph...

7    10.1K 308

The Beauty With Brains


A story about how Revathi used her brains to save her company from a tyrant boss.

9    10.1K 295

The Natural Or Supernatural

Crime Thriller

The road to the park was almost deserted. She felt a bit nervous and started chanting prayers...

6    10.6K 265

The Mysterious Destiny


I promise you that I will come back soon to fetch you. Don’t shed tears...

12    10.2K 189

The Love Story Of A Fraud


A story about Anil, who gets betrayed in love and then turns around in life..

11    10.2K 277

A Valuable Lesson


Sometimes, the elders of the family need lessons from the younger ones to maintain harmony.

4    10.3K 228

Naive Raju And His Fortune


A story of how a father inspired his son to overcome trivial insecurities and succeed in life.

9    20.1K 341

The Stalker - A Short Story

Thriller Romance

The story of a girl, a stalker with a twist at the end...

12    10.9K 242