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Lively Numbers
Lively Numbers

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Numbers have become an integral part of his life. Jasraj would solve maths puzzle in his dreams. He woke up when he got something wow in this journey. He has only one love that is numbers. He would meet other people and effortlessly he pointed his wisdom. Jasraj shared about kaprekar numbers, brown numbers, narcissist numbers in marriage anniversary of his elder sister. He elaborated such beautifully that who afraid from maths took smack of these numbers.

Jasraj day by day entered deep in number’s life. Once He was busy in his work suddenly a strong below of wind came , his pen fell down as he bent down to lift his pen he saw two digits were playing under his bed. He rubbed his eyes and observed silently-

We are just numbers ,these foolish man think that we are maths! We got into existence when human started live in groups, as he needed he invented us and developed their civilizations , we saw a period of meaningful mathematics when Indians were applying us into their daily life and maths really helped to progress in culture and traditions. But as education system transformed maths got dramatic loss and all has become algorithm learner.

Is learning algorithm and learning mathematics same? They observed patterns in us but these whole world are filled with amazing patterns, why human can’t see such mathematical world?

Digits sensed the presence of Jasraj, there was silence for a moment, Jasraj lifted them and told a story- once upon a time when numbers were scattered everywhere on this earth, they did not want presence of any other one as life evolved they started emitted from the earth and settled into the sky in the form of stars , these infinite stars were the real numbers then man evolved onto the earth and took determination to bring back these numbers on the earth. They observed strong discipline and in front of great will power and keen desire number were ready to compromise. They replied to man that it was not possible that numbers and human could live together but nothing was greater than human determination so we would present in abstract form in your mind, where ever you wish you could produce us and use accordingly. You needed to give a unique name and symbol for your daily application. Man endowed with power of abstraction that visualized and created infinite patterns with these numbers. Man evolved ten digits through various civilizations, by using these ten digits any number could be expressed. Stars gave man understanding of these senses and man developed all mathematics on that quantitative sense which were based on logic and infallible axiomatic system.

I tried to find some unique features in numbers so remained half slept thinking about digits but all my efforts could not get result so I dropped randomly some digits and took a nap so those digits forms in a specific characteristic now luckily I found you. What a great surprise you were representing that unique number. You were two and four and surprisingly power of two give sixteen and power of four give sixteen , miracle it is ! no other number had such great properties, yes I got it , sixteen is that unique number that can be written in the form of power of two digits – two and four ( 2 power 4 =4 power 2 ).

Digits were numb and saluted man curiosity, numbers itself doesn’t know about themselves that much man discovered. Man filled the meaning in numbers so that they can live with this magic planet where and only where life exists.

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