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Unity In Diversity
Unity In Diversity

© Sharanya Venkatesh


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I was playing hide and seek with my sister behind an old house in our neighbourhood. I finished counting and went inside the house to look for her. After looking at the most obvious places, I decided to have one last look in the hall. My eyes drifted towards a mirror. My eyes shot up in disbelief when I saw that my sister was not behind the mirror but inside it! After having watched millions of fantasy films, it seemed like I would be the protagonist in one myself. "Sara, wait up I'm coming", I screamed, waving both my hands.

Without wasting even a millisecond, I dived into the mirror. I found a tunnel inside it. After a journey that seemed like eternity, I landed out with a slight thud.

What my eyes beheld there was nothing short of bedazzlement. There was an entire world in the mirror.There were strange creatures everywhere. I saw a dog and an elf. The dog was panting with thirst and the elf was draped in layers of cloth. The dog had a bone in it's mouth while the elf looked a pure vegan with vegetables on its plate. Everything about them was as different as different could be. I saw the two of them lying next to each other, looking completely peaceful and happy.

I suddenly felt my body shaking. I was out of the mirror within a millisecond. I saw Sara next to me. We both held hands and walked home, too shaken up to say anything.

Now, looking back at the incident, I realize how beautiful the world in the mirror was. Each creature was different from it's contemporary from cuisine to looks to the way each dressed. Yet all of them lived so peacefully and contentedly. The world in the mirror represented a world full of diversities and possibilities.

Our world too can be as beautiful as the one in the mirror if only we open our minds and hearts and accept differences wholeheartedly. We can make the world a much better, happier and safer place by realizing that each of us is one of a kind, specially created and specially designed...

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