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Lynching The Vows
Lynching The Vows

© Sreelakshmi Udhayakumar


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When she was born, her mom vowed to raise her not like a lass but like how she stargaze.

She adored her daughter bourgeoning like a waxing crescent.

She showed no interest in wearing bauble, her mom never forced her to buy one. She played cricket when her mom was elated. She went to gym her mom tot up more proteins. She got black belt in karate her mom espy another son cloaked inside her daughter.

Crescent filled out into waxing gibbous.

She convinced to go out at night with her friends, her mother felt that she is grown up and is out to experience life. When she rode royal Enfield, her mom boasted with pride of her daughter’s courage. When she slipped into jeans her mom admired, when she went for protest her mother supported, she She went everywhere alone, her mom never called and annoyed her. When she asked for a sip of rum her mom poured a mug.

Days passed by and now she is completely filled out like a radiant full moon.

Then she said that she wanna join Indian army, her mother felt very proud of her daughter’s patriotism. Her mother felt that her daughter is illuminating the whole planet reflecting FREEDOM and TRUST which she has given her daughter all these years.

Forthwith she swapped to waning gibbous.

The mother carnaged the vows.. She supported gender equality until her daughter got a BOY as her BEST FRIEND..

mother daughter equality

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