Evoluting The Destiny

Evoluting The Destiny

4 mins

With two chappathis in her plate she sat with her friends and chose a place where they can have an entire view of the mess. “Look she is back after her marriage” one of her pal pointed at a girl and told that she is looking divine with sindoor on her forehead. She eagerly turned to look at her. Yes.. As her friend told that girl looked adorable with a coyness in her smile, euphoria in her eyes and a kind of sanctity in her face. Soon other friends allied with her and discussed about the happiness in getting married. She silently listened to their conversation and found a virulent truth. All the girls around her are intense in their thought that marriage is their destiny. It is their ultimate aim to get married not sooner but surer.

Her mind slowly got caught in a storm of thoughts

“What about that girl’s dreams then?” She raised an unusual question and her auditory was hit with bullets of answers. But all the answers were similar which reflects that a girl’s dreams are short-lived and should end once after she gets married. She must obey her husband and sacrifice her dreams for her family. They also added..”That is why MOTHERS are so special”

Again they started to share their dreams about marriage but her mind refused to drift away from that point. “Then what if girls don’t get married and follow their dreams?” She shouted out her mind. Everyone reacted like she had asked something one should never imagine. They frowned and told that there will be nobody to take care of us when we grow old and added that the happiness is sharing all the happenings in our life with someone daily which is possible only if a girl gets a partner.

The answer calmed her mouth but not her mind and heart

She realised the truth in their words. What is life without Love? She interrogated herself and convinced her mind to get out of the storm of thoughts. But it struck inside forever.

After the storm comes the calm but here it rained

“What if a girl achieves her dream and then gets married ?” She poured her happiness like rain after the storm. Everyone nearly agreed to her point,ignored her and continued their conversation.

When she was drenching in her own rain of thoughts, a wind blew away the rainy clouds

She completed her graduation and wherever she went to meet her relatives, not the first but the must question is ‘When have you planned to get married? ‘And her reply would be,” I am just 20 years old. You can wait for 5 more years to see me getting married”. They would stare at her mother like she had asked them for their whole property for free and her mother will return the same stare to her and she will save that for the next time.

“Though after the rainy clouds were blown away, she enjoyed the climate but thunder and lightening ailed“

When she told her destiny and convinced her parents, there comes the society which spoils all her efforts. “Girls should study well,get a safe job and work till they get married. Safety is mandatory for girls”. Says one of the shop keeper to her and her father. That four lines were enough for her father to advice her for the whole way back to home. But she loved adventurous job, not something very usual. Father knew that but still was keen to complete his duties and get her to a safer job. If she refused that then their criminal mind will think that she had fallen in love. She did agree with that. Yes, she was in love with her dream, so she worked hard in front of them, so they will understand her someday.

“Thunder and lightening halt when the sun rises and spoils the climate”

When she is all set with convincing, there comes the discouragement. “Being a girl how can you do such an adventurous and dangerous jobs? You are wearing spectacles. You have flat foot.. it’s a permanent rejection. It’s boys duty to save India and girls can be safe. You cannot do it.. It’s tough. Being a girl, why do you want to spoil your softness and beauty” are the common swords of words she encountered.

“When the sun raised high, the sky was clear so is her mind”

From the olden days, girls have been great leaders both inside and outside the house. So let us abide by our dreams and live our life the way we like. Marriage is yet another event in our life. It will fall on our way on its own. Don't make life a cotton candy whose sweetness is short lived. Let us make it like a goose berry whose sweetness can be realised later.

“If it storms, let us wait. If it rains, let us dance. If thunder and lightening frightens, let us become deaf and blind. When the sun appears. then let us swing on the rainbows”

Then she flapped her wings with courage and determination and spread joy throughout her way towards her DESTINY..

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