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The Knife-Sharpener
The Knife-Sharpener

© Shivnath Sharma


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Gopal was a knife-sharpener. He lives in Delhi. He went from house too house and also in town to town to sharpen vegetable knives, meat knives etc. And also anything that needed sharpening. His knife-sharpener machine was very simple on stand a were a bicycle wheel and a grinding wheel.

Gopal pedalled the bicycle wheel which turned the grinding wheel. Which sharpened the knife.

Whenever Gopal entered a town he was followed by many little children. Because they loved to watch him work. But who needs there knives sharpened everyday? It was very difficult to find customers. So, Gopal had to go to different towns looking for work. He hardly made enough money for a good meal at the end of the day.

And now as the month of" Diwali" was coming he would have to buy new thing like clothes, bangles and gift for Diwali. One morning he set out for work after praying to "God" that he would find enough customers that day. He had already been to all the towns nearby. So he decided to try his luck on the other side of the towns. His wife Sunita ,packed him some roti with pickle in an old newspaper. Gopal waved goodbye to her wife.

He walked long and far. Just before reached the towns he set down his knife-sharpening machine under a peepal tree and ate his roti with pickle. Then he entered the forest. Gopal was a little scared. So, he started singing to himself to get some courage and kept on walking.

Suddenly, he heard a sound behind him. He looked around. There was nothing. He started singing again. "Psst" he heard behind him. Wh-who is that? Gopal voice cracked in fear. There was silence. I'm going home, Gopal decided. He turned back and started walking quickly. But now the sound that were behind him were coming towards him.But he started singing again. And he reached his home. In the morning when he got up he realised that it was just a dream not a reality.

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