The Kidnapped God

The Kidnapped God

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Long ago there lived a boy named "Bob". Who got dissatisfied of his birthday gifts, from his family, friends, relatives. When turned into 14, he was keenly waiting for a gift that it might be a cycle. But his father brought him some books to read, being hatred of his 14 years of waiting he became angry and kept it in front of his door and went into the room and started crying stating, "Oh God! Why are you angry on this little creature ?" But the God didn't reply to his announcements, this "fish out of water " situation made the little Bob to had an opinion to take a revenge from the God. Then he wrote a warning letter to mother of God (here the God is Jesus and His mother is Mary as per Bible) "Mary" stating that, "Your son's behaviour is not good," and he warned, "If you neglect this, I will kidnap your son. If you don't request your son to give me a cycle to me I will kidnap your child he stated in letter."

Then following the next day, the little Bob wrote a letter and posted in church but he didn't get any reply from "Mary" , then Bob decided to kidnap God. Later he went to church and tried to kidnap statue of God. Suddenly a glory of light from the statue started appearing and the shadow took him with him to the heaven. The little Bob was shocked to see the God while seeing he prayed for God and asked for forgiveness. Jesus a God of forgiveness forgave him and asked little Bob, "My dear Bob! What do you want? An unsatisfied result or lazy coward, a worth less out come or reasonable satisfaction." The little Bob understood and asked, "All my friends are getting their loved things but why not me?" Then Jesus replied, "Bob did you watch the life of the easy available products?"

Bob replied, "They were gone within 2 months."

Then Jesus said that, "Nothing is achieved without hard work." Then Bob understood the truth and he studied hard for his grade exams and he got good marks. His father presented him a cycle then he felt happy.

Moral- Nothing is achieved without hard work.

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