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Ekulta Cave
Ekulta Cave

© Ritayan Misra

Abstract Classics Fantasy

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In a town called Ekulpur there lived 80 families. It was quiet big and a developed town. There were schools,markets, 1 train station, 1 airport,1 shopping mall, 4 beaches, 3 parks and 2 police and fire stations.

Of all the 80 families the Kulpur tribe had at least 10 families. The tribe believed that 8 kilometres west from Ekulpur in the Aradian Sea there was a small island called Ekulta, there was a huge cave and in the cave there were lots of jewels, gold, silver, diamonds and rubies. In the cave there lived 3 giants named Diff, Don and Dan. Everyone in the tribe were very scared of them,so no one used to go to the west of Ekulpur.

One day a boy named Dilton who was 7 years old asked his father "why can't we go to the west of Ekulpur?" His father told his son that, "we cannot go to the west because if the giants see you they will swim to you and eat you."

20 years later

One early morning Dilton made a Dingy and set out for Ekulta. 10 minutes later he could see a sign board in the foggy area it was written on it- DANGER! DIFF, DON, DAN. BE AWARE!

Then there was a big CRACK! his dingy was sinking,so he jumped off the dingy onto the land. He could see three giants guarding a cave. He saw that all the giant's feet were made of silver.

At 9'o clock the giants went into their cave and there was a SNORING noise. So, Dilton thought that the giants fell asleep. He crept into the cave and saw that there were 3 giants sleeping and the cave was shining with gold, diamond etc. Dilton sneaked in the cave and took some jewels, gold silver and coins. Then he cut some wood and made a raft and sailed back to his town. He did this for a week and one day he got caught by the giants and they scared him, while the giants slept Dilton wrote a message and put it in a bottle and threw it into the sea towards Ekulpur.

2 hours later

The giants made a fire, 2 minutes later all the people of their town came there and then started a fight. After some time the giants freed Dilton. They all became friends; they used to share all the costly items. From that day the Kulpur tribe used to visit the giants every day. They all lived happily ever after.

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