A Good Girl

A Good Girl

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I asked my little daughter once, “What do you want to become when you grow up?” Since by now she already knew about certain professions, I thought of playing multiple choice questions and gave her choices also, like a doctor, or a cobbler or a policeman or would like to go to office like mummy or a housewife like Maami. The instant answer that I got was, “A Seeti Uncle.”

          I pondered on the answer that I had just got from my little Angel, as this was not within one of the choices given to her by me.  If the same question would have been given to her in, let us say, a competitive examination she would have set a different trend altogether. Because, trend set by such Exams is to think in the same manner, in a fashion already decided, in a straight path or line, which cannot be deviated from by anybody.

          Since, she had dared to think ‘Out of the Box’, she would have become a ‘Trend Unsettler’. Then the second question that came to my mind was why does my little angel want to become a ‘Seeti Uncle’. For the information of all, I wish to tell that a seeti uncle is basically a chowkidaar, who roams around at night with a danda in his hand and a whistle in his mouth. Slowly, the clouds of doubts vanished and a logic behind her answer became clear to me. In the past two years, I had told my daughter about different duties that her seeti uncle is supposed to perform. He is supposed to whistle if the children in the locality do not sleep on time at night, or if they don’t wish to brush their teeth properly in the morning or even when they do not want to eat and other such stories. In short, may be the toddler was fascinated by the different duties that her “Seeti Uncle” performs, or in other words his multi-tasking activities intrigued her. May be a day will come when she would be multi-tasking herself. She is actually multi-tasking right now too, when she is making me think whether I should laugh or get angry at her decision to become a chowkidaar when she grows up. Then it struck me that may be the way her “Seeti Uncle” is helping her become a Good Girl, in some ways she also wants to advocate the same to all the kids upon growing up.

But whatever it may be, I would like to believe that the goodness of Seeti Uncle  has rubbed onto her and the very purpose of the discovery of ‘A Seeti Uncle’ has been achieved, and my daughter is already on her way to become A Good Girl.

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