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Dancing fingers, chattering people

The word is the show of Puppets 

fastened strings to the rebellious doll

want to abolish this slavery at all

Pre decided performances and role

Who could be happy with the other's control?

Want to take its own decision

Having a strong determination

Want to jump out of the box

Want to reach beyond the top of blocks

One has to live their dreams

Then why this fear of the controllers screams

Just break the strings and ready to create a difference

Challenge the controllers as people are

You are one that will challenge the brightness of a star

Just amazed them with your appearance

Roar them to refuse their control on you

Just make them accept your view

World have many puppets

No one have right to control your life

 have to prove it

Now it's your time 

either you be puppet or just do it!

#seedhi baat

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