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The Red Rose
The Red Rose

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Once upon a time, in the village Venice, there lived a girl named Alice in her small hut. She was living alone since her childhood. She had no one to share her happiness or her sorrows, except a Rose plant outside her hut. She treated the plant like her family, but it never had a flower. She used to do all the works assigned by the villagers for her livelihood. Once she went to jungle to get some firewood. She cut the wood all the day and got tired. So she took some rest in the jungle. In the meanwhile the dawn broke. When she woke up, the sky was clear with full of stars. Suddenly she saw a falling star. By looking at that she whispered to herself "I wish I could get some one to love me". Suddenly there was a thunderstorm followed by heavy rainfall. She got wet in the rainfall and fainted.

When she opened her eyes, she saw a ugly person around her. He had the dark skin with a lot wrinkles and a stick to walk. She recalled what happened last night was so thankful to him for saving her life. The place around them was filled with dried grass and dried rose plants.She felt so bad to see the dried plants. She left the place after thanking him. After reaching her home, she noticed that the rose plant outside her hut was blossomed with a white rose. She felt so happy to see that White rose and she kept thinking about the dried rose plants place.

Next day she went to the place and she saw the man in ill health. When she asked him about his problem he told that those red roses was his life and with every dried rose he turns to more ugly. After hearing that she felt so bad. Everyday she went to the jungle collected some red rose plants. planted in that dried place and watered the plants. It became her habit and eventually they both became good friends. After some days half his place was filled with Red roses and with every red rose he lost his wrinkles. They both were very happy.

One night there was a heavy flood in the town and she was worried about him. In the early morning she went to see him. But the entire Red rose garden was ruined. All flowers were fallen on the ground and he had fainted. When she showed him to the doctor, he told her that he has only three days left. She cried a lot but was not disheartened. She started planting, worked day and night to make the red rose garden, but he was still lying on the bed. She continued to work hard.

At his last hour, there was no red rose plant left in the village or jungle and she even didn't have time.She still need one red rose plant to complete the garden. She was disheartened. But suddenly she remembered her white rose plant. She ran to her house and brought the plant to the garden. She cut her hand and filled white rose with her blood to turn it into Red rose and planted the last plant to complete the Red Rose Garden, symbolizing her love and sacrifice. Suddenly there was a lot of brightness and the ugly person turned into a handsome prince. He explained her about his curse and became united. And they lived happily for ever after in the Red Rose Garden.

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