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The Frankenstein Part 4
The Frankenstein Part 4

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Chapter Four

My dear Victor,

We are so worried about you. I know you cannot write yet, but please write

to us as soon as you can. Get well soon and come home to us. you will find a

happy home full of people who love you. Your father is in good health. William

has grown tall. He is a lovely little boy, with his smiling blue eyes. Justine,

the servant who nursed your mother during her last illness, has returned to

us after an unhappy time with her own family. Poor Justine! I think she loves

us as if we were her real family. I know that she loved your mother very


Get better soon, dear Victor, and please write to us. Thank Henry for his

kindness and his many letters.

Your affectionate


I wrote to my family that day. As soon as I was well enough, I took

Clerval to meet the professors at the university.

I did not return to my studies. The thought of science filled me with

anxiety and disgust. Instead, I read poetry and studied Oriental① languages

with Clerval. I stayed with him in Ingolstadt all that year. When spring

arrived again, Henry and I went for walks together in the countryside. The

blue sky and green fields made me very happy. I made plans to visit my


One Sunday, I returned from our walk to find a letter waiting for me.

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