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Anaghashree A

Romance Inspirational

Love Needs Fresh Air

Love Needs Fresh Air

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Captain Anaghashree Viraat look my relationship with Shiv and Anirudh and Shree are totally different Captain Shruti looking at Dr .Shyam and her dad ShreeMehta says 

So.... looking at her and the men of her family Captain Anaghashree instructs  " Captain Shruti you are expected to fly to New York with First officer Shikha and Senior First officer Rishabh"  

"No ways Maam" she says

Why ? every one questions her intent

Because Love needs fresh air to breathe..

Captain Ash looking at Shree and Captain Anaghashree respond to Captain Shruti's "No: .

Ma..please .. stop it ..Shruti feeling helpless.. shows her hand up to stop .

Then why did you not stop your heart from falling into the pit called "love " .. now look I have to see my Shruti in  condition like this 

Captain Ash looking with tears in her eyes scolds her..

Shree hugs her kissing her lips passionately.. he wipes away her tears .

"Beta...we have all gone through this and so we feel helpless and sometimes the effect of bad event still remains  so... all we want you to choose the safe path with honesty and let elders decide on certain matters but still you have right revolt with us in this regard and enjoy your heart break with bravery like us ..

Love is overrated.. It has stagnated. Your ma and I are still living like separated couples for  over past 3 decades with only having updates about you and Dr.Shyam 's life since Meena and ExMajor Sesha Bala Sharma and his sister Ex Captain Radhikaa was not in favour of keeping Major Harsha children ie Dr.Shaswat and Durga with Captain Ash since they felt that she will not be able to discharge her duties towards them as so Shaswat and Durga have developed cold feet despite having week legs.

So I request you to accept Captain Anaghashree 's offer Captain Shruti and I will make sure Captain that Anya the stupid dreamy actress  will not derails your determination.. about love , heart aches and so on " Shree nursing his  scars got from years of playing badminton says .

Okay all I will get started Captain Shruti says hugging Shree, Anirudh, Shiv and Dr.Shyam and smiling  at her mother Captain Ash, her mentor Captain Anaghashree she walks away by throwing all of them on sofa as they all leave hug Puff making Shree and Captain Ash laugh aloud at their friends.

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