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Adhithya Sakthivel

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Family: The Path for love

Family: The Path for love

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Akhil, a Major in the Indian Army under Air force, decides to go for his hometown Coimbatore district after the gap of one year on the plight of his close friend, Sakthivel's request.

Though, Akhil agrees to meet his estranged father, Adhithya Gounder , he doesn't will to meet his uncle, Pankaj Lal, a North-Indian businessman and Adhithya's Gounder's close friend.

Now, Sakthi asks Akhil, "Akhil. Why are you angry with Pankaj Lal? You have shared with me about your father and Pankaj Lal's close relationship."

"You have to learn about my love story with Ishika, before going on to the story of my uncle Pankaj Lal" Said Akhil.

"Ok. I too was eager to hear this. Actually, what happened when I was in Hyderabad before one year?" asked Sakthi.

Akhil starts to narrate Sakthi about the incidents before one year. Akhil's father Adhithya Gounder and Pankaj Lal are close friends from college days similar to Akhil and Sakthi's friendship. Though Lal is an north Indian man, he considers Adhithya Gounder as his own family man and they do their business activities of sweets, jewelries and other business as partners.

Sakthi was raised by Adhithya Gounder, after he founds him as an orphan and in the streets. Akhil and Sakthi became close friends since childhood and they never separates from anything like Lal and Adhithya Gounder, which makes them happier.

Their unity is like Ram-Lakshmanan in Ramayana, who are inseparable in their bonding. Years passes, and Sakthi and Akhil scores good marks and Sakthi intends to finish his Piloting course in a prestigious university of Hyderabad, where he manages to get merit seats, due to his good and highest marks.

Meanwhile, Akhil enrolls in the course of B.E(Aeronautical Engineering) in PSG Tech college and also in further, joins NCC under Air Wing and he gains knowledge about the pilots and aircrafts. Akhil intends to become an Army men despite following the opposition of his father, but the latter gives up after learning that Sakthi and Akhil had partnered and took this decision.

Now Comes Kushi, the only daughter of Pankaj Lal and he intends to do anything for the sake of his daughter. Though Kushi is good and loving by heart, she is arrogant and fun-loving character, who disrespects her friends and only respects the elderly people.

Hence, Sakthi and Akhil dislike Kushi since childhood and they doesn't have a good relationship with her. However, Kushi tried her best to prove her good character to Akhil, but it fails because of Sakthi and Akhil's strong friendship.

Also, Kushi madly loves Akhil because of his high-love and empathy for people. In-spite of this, the reason for her mad love with Akhil is he is highly career-oriented and hardworking guy.

However, on learning Kushi's intentions, Akhil distanced himself from her and he developed his strong friendship with Sakthi. Now, Kushi also joins the same PSG tech for her course in B.E.(Mechanical Engineering) and she is very happy to see Akhil in the college campus.

But, fearing for Sakthi, she stops to go and speak with Akhil.

"Hey Kushi. Why have you stopped?" asked Dinesh, Akhil's one of the friend in the college.

"Akhil will not speak with me. Hence, I stopped here" said Kushi.

"Kushi. You no need, to worry. Sakthi is not here. He has gone to Hyderabad for his studies" said Dinesh.

"Oh, Really!" said Kushi and she feels delighted after hearing this news.

Hence, Kushi goes to speak with Akhil, who is disturbed with Sakthi's absence and Kushi goes near to him and hides his eyes.

"Surprise…" said Kushi.

"Oh! Kushi. How are you?" asked Akhil.

"I am fine, Akhil. Why are you disturbed?" asked Kushi.

"I am not disturbed, Kushi. I am fine" said Akhil.

"I know the reason. You are upset with Sakthi's absence. Am I right?" asked Kushi.

"You are right. Since, he is not there, I feel bored and bad" said Akhil.

Kushi consoles him and from the day, they starts to enjoy a memorable moments and Akhil feels that, he is slowly forgetting Sakthi and their friendship.

Sakthi gets shocked upon hearing Akhil's words and asks him, "It seems like you and Kushi loves and not with Ishika's!"

"Wait Sakthi. For this itself, if you are shocked…Wait for an other twist in the story" said Akhil.

Ishika is Akhil's classmate. She is from Bangalore but they are a Tamil family, settled there. Unlike Kushi and Akhil, Ishika is also rich but, is a simple and easy-going girl and manages to balance both her academics and friendship.

Her natural behavior attracted Akhil and he was heavily impressed that she resembled Sakthi's good characters. From there, he became attached to her and day by day, Ishika and Akhil became close friends. Seeing these things, Kushi gets angry and furious at Ishika, since she became a hurdle for her love journey.

One day, Kushi creates a big mess and fight with Ishika and Akhil where, Kushi slaps Ishika and insults her. On seeing this, Akhil is very furious and he shouts at Kushi's arrogant attitude and says, Ishika is far more better than her and had hence, became close friend to her.

In-front of all the college students, Akhil proposes to Ishika and days later, they both gets stronger in their relationships. Meanwhile, comes the rival of Pankaj Lal and Adhithya Gounder named, Sudheer Lal and his sister Maya Lal.

They have a grudge against the family of Pankaj Lal, since he had killed the entire family of Maya Lal for committing a big offence of corruption in Uttarakhand, when he was the head of that place. From that time, they were waiting for revenge on both these families.

Now, Sudheer Lal uses Kushi and Akhil's conflict as an golden opportunity to create a ruckus between these two families and then, destroy the image of Pankaj Lal. However, Maya Lal doesn't intend to kill the family of Adhithya Gounder since her only target is Pankaj Lal and his family.

Kushi is hurt with Akhil's words and she consumes poison to attempt suicide. However, Pankaj Lal arrives at the nick of time and saves her. He also scolds her and emotionally tells her that, he lives only for her sake and if she has told what she has in her mind, he will go to any extent for fulfilling her wish.

Kushi says that she is in love with Akhil but, he indeed doesn't accept and instead loves Ishika, an other girl from Bangalore. Pankaj Lal, was initially against Kushi's wishes but, seeing her mad love and on his mother's advice, he decides to go for any extent to fulfill his daughter's wish.

Lal meets Akhil and tries to speak with him about Kushi's wish but, Akhil denies to hear his words and warns him to stay away from his path while he also asks Kushi to focus on her career. Using this as an golden opportunity, Sudheer enters into the house of Pankaj Lal and days later, he becomes his trusted men.

With a vengeful intention against Kushi and Pankaj Lal, Sudheer suggests an idea to threaten Ishika which backfires as she is an iron-girl, which seems useful due to Akhil's hard-core training. As this plan fails, Sudheer without the knowledge of Pankaj Lal, decides to murder Ishika and decides to create a ruckus between the family.

Akhil learns that Ishika was been kidnapped by Sudheer and he rushes to save her from him. Despite his beg and please, Sudheer slits Ishika's throat saying that "it's Pankaj Lal's order and I will do it."

Ishika bleeds down and dies in the arms of Akhil, who cries out loudly and faints in shock. He was took to hospital where, Kushi takes care of him day and night and Adhithya Gounder prays for his recovery.

"Ishika…Ishika…" called out Akhil and Kushi comes to him, "Akhil. Have you recovered! Very happy to see you back"

Hearing this, Akhil is angry and frustrated. He angrily goes to his father's house and creates a ruckus where, he insults Adhithya Gounder for being the reason of Ishika's death.

Pankaj Lal also arrives there and a violent fights ensues with Akhil and all of them in the family. For insulting Adhithya, Pankaj Lal slaps Akhil and beats him up. Adhithya Gounder disowns Akhil to be a part of his family, shocking Pankaj Lal and Kushi, who gets heartbroken after hearing the decision.

Akhil goes out of his family for good and joined Indian Army whereas, Sudheer felt very happy since, Akhil has went-off and hence, it is very easier for him to destroy both of these families to take his revenge.

Sakthi slaps Akhil for messing with Gounder and tells him about the Importance of parents and family as he has a pain of being an orphan.

"Did Ishika became important to you rather than your father? It will take a decades to wash your sins, Akhil. Mind it" said Sakthi.

Akhil watched in silence and Sakthi continued, "If you are my true friend and if our friendship is true, you have to reconcile with Lal and Gounder"

Akhil agrees with Sakthi and they all lands in Coimbatore where Pankaj Lal's family invites them warmly. Akhil himself, holds guilty for hurting his uncle Pankaj Lal after seeing his immense love and pleasure and he seeks apology from him and Kushi.

Over days, Akhil settles his disputes with Kushi and they become good friends. Kushi then takes Akhil and Sakthi for discussing an important message to them.

"Sudheer killed Ishika not in my father's order. But, indeed he fulfilled his revenge by killing her" said Kushi to Akhil.

"Kushi. I had found this out, the minutes before landing in Coimbatore" said Akhil.

"What?" asked Kushi.

"Yes. Seeing your father's immense love for me, I understood that, he will not do such things and Sudheer has made a play with us. He and his sister has indeed decided to avenge our family members" said Akhil.

Kushi, Akhil and Sakthi joins hands and decides to save their family. Sudheer and Maya also learns that, they were found as avengers and decides to kill down the entire family of Gounder and Lal and they heads to the house.

However, at the nick of time, Akhil and Sakthi arrived and they both, beats up Sudheer and Maya severely and he takes sword to kill Maya and Sudheer, but puts it down after remembering Ishika's words, "Even if our enemy has done a mistake, we should forgive them and give them a chance to reform"

"Sudheer. It's very easy for me to kill you immediately. But, there is no difference between you and me when I do like such. Just because of Ishika's words, I forgive and spare your life" said Akhil and he puts down the sword and walks with Sakthi.

Maya and Sudheer has a change of heart and they apologizes to Gounder and Lal's family members. Adhithya Gounder accepts his son after Lal tells his importance while, also taking Sakthi to his family.

However, Sudheer stops Akhil and asks, "Akhil. Will you do a favor for Pankaj Lal's daughter?"

"What favour, Sudheer?" asked Akhil.

"She is waiting for you these many years. In spite of your love for Ishika, she loved you so much from her heart. Don't make her wait." Said Sudheer and hearing this, Akhil rushes to meet Kushi, who is waiting in a corridor of her house.

"Kushi…" said Akhil.

"Come Akhil. I think you are tired" said Kushi.

"Shall we get married?" asked Akhil.

Kushi stares at Akhil and slaps him.

"Now only, this idea came to you?" asked Kushi.

"After realizing your immense love, I decided to marry you. If Ishika could have not come in my life, I would have married you only, Kushi" said Akhil.

"But, I am not ready to accept you, Akhil. However, I am ready to love you from my heart" said Kushi.

Akhil leaves disappointed but, when he hears the last words from her, he immediately turns towards Kushi and said, "Kushi…"

They both have a hug and shares a kiss after which Gounder and Pankaj Lal's family comes and they both decides to conduct a grand marriage ceremony for the lovers in a fine day, ending on a happy note.

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