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Indumathi Mani

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Rise Up

Rise Up

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"Take care Honey" said Mrs.Emily Vincent to her husband.

Mr.Vincent told, "You too" with a wide smile.

Things had never changed in their love, care, smile, ever since three years together and one and half years of their successful marriage life. Every day when Emily sends off her husband to business they use to have a look at a kid, living next to them named 'Edward' playing with sand and trying to make his own house. Today, when they saw Edward busy in making top roof of his little house Emily was so happy that he finally made it to another level. But, suddenly his whole sand house fell down.

Emily said, "Ouch! It fell again" and she became upset.

"Don't worry! One day he will make it." said Mr.Vincent to her. They smiled at each other and Vincent departed for office. One month later, Everything was going well until Mr.Vincent was offered a greedy deal for his new business deal. He signed a new deal to invest for which he lend his own house to make a double profit. Emily wasn't happy with his new idea and she warned him many times. But his lavish expenses made his eyes blurred. After one month, he faced a severe loss in his business and lost everything he had. And the lender warned him to repay his amount. Since Mr.Vincent was unable to pay any of his debts, he became frustrated and began misbehaving with his wife.

He even became addicted to liquor and started hurting Emily.  Mr.Vincent became arrogant and nobody offered him a job. And because of all this he became all the more depressed and consequently never tried to make another way for his business. Emily used to pray daily to GOD that, "Mr.Vincent shouldn't be punished for his sins" But he became worse than before. Emily bandaged her wounds daily and one day she became so frustrated  that she decided to commit suicide. When Mr.Vincent arriveed home being drunk, he shouted:


No response. He searched everywhere and yelled," Where are you Idiot? You cannot go anywhere from this monster! Come out!"

But she was nowhere. Slowly, his tension accelerated to fear.

"I'm dying here and you are so happy going out?" He shouted again and smashed the tables, chairs.

Later, he seated himself on the couch shouting her name loudly. A man from his next door came and said, “Emily died today morning. Doctor told that she took excessive sleeping pills."

Mr. Vincent froze and was silent for a while. He didn't know how to react on her death, he felt ashamed of himself for his own wife's death. For a couple of minutes he reminisce about the memories of their life.  Tears overflowed when he sensed that his wife is no more to look after him.

"I made a sin Emily." He said in tears.

"I should have listened to you my love. Where are you now? I-I'm so cruel and I deserve this." He stammered.

He blabbered, "Please come back sweet heart. Please! I promise that I'll never hurt you."

Then someone held his shoulder from behind. He turned and shocked to see Emily standing before her'.

For a second, his eyes couldn't believe that she had really came back! He touched her for she is real! And "YES" she was alive but he was confused that how can a person come back after death?! He asked, “How?"

She said," I truly went to commit suicide but something changed my mind and I thought that If I'm not here for you then who will look after you? At the same time I thought that this drama will re-create your new you."

"Oh Emily! I'm so happy that you have came back to me. But I apologize to you for being rude."

"Neither your bad habits hurt me nor your beatings worried me. I was only scared that my husband will never rise up in his life ever again." She said and looked in to his eyes.

He was speechless for her love. She then said," Everyone goes through a downfall in their life but that doesn't mean they are incapable of rising up. One day or the other will achieve what you want. You should keep trying like our Edward. Sometimes kids are the best role model to elders."

"That's true indeed!" He said holding her hands.

She said," I hope you understood what it means to miss a person whom you love?!"

"Very much!" He said.

Two months later, Mr.Vincent started a small business and with his hard work he settled all his problems. He became a generous person and a lovable husband to his wife.

 When one day, Emily came out to see Edward, she found that a 'beautiful sand house was there in Edward's Garden." She called her husband to have a look at it. They were so happy and they realized that their dreams too will come true some day.

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