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The Elixir
The Elixir

© Josephine Leshiini


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There is a place where people go and never return. Some call it heaven. Others call it hell.
When you see a lifeless body lying so still, so peaceful, as if asleep,
do you feel jealous?
I do.
That lifeless body is no longer capable of feeling emotions.
Isn't that a blessing?
Look at everyone around you.
There is so much pain and not enough happiness.
Some cry themselves to sleep every night.
Some drink alcohol praying that it washes away a little misery.
The cigarettes that comfort your nerves.
Some take drugs to feel the pleasure of nothingness.
When did we become such broken creatures depraved of love, that we have turned to tragic self destruction in a desperate attempt to escape reality?
It is a tragedy to be born with a desperate need to give love, in a world painted with lies, deceit and misery.
I learned as a kid, that love comes at a cost, a price much too high for the cowards who'd rather gamble at games with lesser stakes.
But I was born with a desperate need to give love.
So I offered my beating heart to every monster along the way. In return, they tore out a piece of my heart.
They kept it as a reminder of a girl, who walked around town loving the revolting damned souls.
When I started out, I knew I would end up lonely and incorrigible. But I did not know any other way, that would make me feel the things I felt, when the hungry wolves greedily fed on my flesh and blood.
I do not know fragments or crumbs or whiffs.
I only know the two points that's so far away from each other, they almost never meet. I know black and white. Nothing or everything.
No grey.
And when I would leave this world, every iota of my soul would have felt every emotion that exists.

Sacrificing every part of me, to save a little part in every person I meet, so that they in turn give a little bit of their soul to save another soul.

A saving ripple.

This is how you become immortal.



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