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Her father had just finished a powerful novel about the river, when she was born. With deep affection he named her 'Titas'. Because, he silently hoped that his daughter would someday analogously grow up touching the lives of everyone around her - just the way River Titas did for all the villagers living on her banks. They were dependent on her for fishing, agriculture, transportation, etc.

However, as time went by, his daughter, Titas on the other hand started ascertaining a different fulfillment of her name. She correlated her characteristics with her founder. She kept reminding herself that a river is not always beautiful. It has several characters in it. When it's vibrant and energetic, it brings life. When it's obtrusive and outrageous, it brings flood. When it's calm and serene, it gives peace to the weary.

One day, her father found Titas sitting gloomily on the swing in their front porch. He quietly came into her vicinity and stood there for a while.

Titas: "Dad, I always wanted to be a river. However, I am afraid I think over the years, I have gradually transformed to 'Fire'. One who gives light and warmth to people around her, but, only from a distance. If someone comes too close to her, they get burnt."

Father was silent for a moment before he spoke up - "Titas, I think you are still a river. If someone comes too close to you, they get drowned. But, that's only because they need to learn how to swim."

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