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Hamlet,Prince Of Denmark:Part6
Hamlet,Prince Of Denmark:Part6

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While he is standing in the graveyard, Hamlet sees a procession

approaching. It is Ophelia's funeral. The Queen throws flowers into the

grave and says, 'Sweets to the sweet.' Hamlet did not know that Ophelia was

dead. He is shocked. He jumps into the grave and fights with Laertes.

'You killed my father and my sister!'

'I loved Ophelia more than forty thousand brothers!'

Laertes wants his revenge. He and Claudius decide how to kill Hamlet.

'You must challenge Hamlet to a fencing match. He loves this sport.

He will certainly agree.'

'Yes, and I shall put poison on the tip of my sword. If I cut him, he will


'And if this plan fails, I shall give Hamlet a poisoned drink.'

Hamlet accepts the challenge. He does not know about the poisoned sword.

To him, the fight is just sport—something he enjoys!

'I am sorry for your father's death, Laertes.'

'I accept your apology, Hamlet. Now, let's begin the fight.'

'Here is a drink for you, Hamlet, if you are thirsty. Good luck to you! I

have bet six horses that you will win.'

Hamlet fights well and scores the first points. The Queen is very happy.

She picks up the cup of poison .Claudius tries to stop her drinking —but it is

too late!

'No, Gertrude, do not drink!'

'I drink to Hamlet!'

Laertes wounds Hamlet with the poisoned sword. Later, in the confusion,

they exchange swords and Hamlet wounds Laertes. The poison enters

their blood.

Suddenly, the Queen screams in pain, Laertes falls to the ground and

Hamlet begins to feel weak. The poison is working.

'Help me, I am dying!'

'We are all going to die. The sword and the drink were poisoned. The King

is to blame.'

'Then before I die, I shall have my revenge. This for my father's murder!'

'Treason! Treason!'

Hamlet is dying. Polonius, Ophelia, Laertes, Gertrude and Claudius are all

dead. It is time for a new beginning in Denmark.

'I shall kill myself, too.'

'No, Horatio. You must live. Tell the truth to the world after I am dead.

Tell my story.'

Goodnight, sweet Prince. And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.

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