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Family Misfortunes (Bhutan)
Family Misfortunes (Bhutan)

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Once upon a time there lived a Dough and his wife Butter, son Ant and daughter Cotton. One morning Butter asked Ant to bring dried resin from the mepche tree. She asked them to stay away from fresh resin or they could get stuck. Ant did not pay any attention and saw a big blob of resin, emerging from a tree crack and rushed to grab it. Ant he got stuck. He did not return for a while and Dough went to search for him. His wife warned him to not go near the edge of the road or he would slip and roll down the side. Dough walked on the edge thinking it would be safer. He lost his balance and rolled down. Dough didn’t return too, then Cotton went to search for him. Butter warned her not to walk in open spaces as she could be blown by the wind. Cotton did not listen to her and took a shortcut across a meadow. A gust of wind picked her up and carried her away. Mother Butter waited for her family to return. The day got hotter and hotter and Mother Butter began to melt and became smaller and smaller till finally there was nothing left of her except a puddle of liquid.

So ends the story of the Dough family which perished because nobody wanted to be told what to do.

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