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Growing up, I belonged to the set of mediocre, who got often introduced by his or her parents as 'Dimag bahut hai bas padhta kam hai!'.

As a kid every time I heard my Mom saying this, I felt elated mostly because of the fact that I wasn't a thrash that I assumed myself to be. However, as I approached 10th, lower grades stopped bothering me in all senses. Now, whenever Mom spoke those lines I felt like, "Duh!! You are mistaken about your child."

But there's a thing with mediocre they stick firmly to the quote, 'Jack of all, but master of none!' We enjoyed every bit of our education. From sitting at the last bench to being a pain for our teachers. From participating in extracurricular just with an intent of bunking classes to actually develop a liking towards everything that fell under the category of Extra Curricular.

From falling in love at an early age to developing a friendship that would last forever. We mediocre cherished and converted every moment into a memory.

The pressure of getting higher grades never faded away. Managing notes at the last moment, to mugging up the entire book a night before examination.

Finding shortcuts for getting a task done to sleeping in distress if the task was left undone. Pressure always felt like our second buddy.

And stress was a distant relative who knew by now that there's no point of scaring the MEDIOCRE! We always had our ways to get away.

We were never too good but we were never too bad either. Looking back, I wonder, "If the mediocre could achieve so much with half-hearted attention,

what the case would have been - had we given our 100 percent!"

Looking back then I realized that the words of my Mom was never a lie!

Yes, I would have been a wonder kid if I understood then -

"Dimag hai bas padhta nahi hai!"

What actually meant!

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