Eternal Love

Eternal Love

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In the full moon night, they were both lying beside each other on the soft green grass, looking at the sky.

"You remember, the day when we first met on the bus?" he asked.

"Yes, I do remember. How can I forget that beautiful day."

"Though you were a complete stranger to me, I felt a mysterious force pulling me towards you," he said looking at the blanket of dazzling stars.

"Indeed. I was attractive," she said and giggled.

"Yes, my darling. You were, and you still are," he winked at her and she blushed.

"You were meekly stealing glances. Weren't you?" she asked as she poked his arm with her elbow.

"And you were pretending that you didn't notice, but your curved lips and flushed cheeks told me a different story."

"Still you couldn't ask me my name," she said.

"I tried to, but before I could..."

"Life's a bumpy ride of unexpected events," she interrupted.

"Yes, I never would have guessed that just when I would muster up the courage to break the ice between us, the bus would overturn."

"And I never would have imagined that when you would ask me my name, I would have to point to the tombstone on my grave," she said and laughed.

"Oh, Melisa."

As he joined her in her laughter, the graveyard was once again filled with the laughter of the ghost couple.

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