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The First Date
The First Date

© Charu Vashishtha Gulati

Drama Romance

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"So please let me know, how many girls do you have currently crush on?" I said a bit flirtatiously.

He looked at me intently and said, "Currently and since past sometime now, it's only one girl about whom I think about. I am so pre-occupied by her affairs and decoding of her mannerisms and mood swings that I have little time left to think about any other girl. She intrigues me and fascinates me."

He stopped for a moment and added, "Come to think of it, ever since I laid my eyes on you, I haven't thought about competing for another girls attention. If I ever think about a girl, during conversations with my friends it is you who comes to my mind."

And he said laughing at himself, "I am single. I think I am wasting my singledom."

"Oh come on. You must be lying. Why, there must be so many other girls whom you would like. Why, there's Henna, the hot shot,.. And Deepa, your team mate. Don't you ever think of them," I said.

"No. They don't clutter my mind space like you do. I am professional with them. Also, please note I never lie to you."

"But you were never professional with me. Always, meddling in my affairs. And how do I know you don't lie to me."

"You would know that. Unlike the other bunch of your male friends, I don't act impressed with your intelligence and due diligence. I don't fake my feelings and tell you that I want to be just friends with you always."

"You mean to say that my friends have desires on me like you do ? That they are interested in me that ways? That's a blasphemy."

"Not all of your friends, I am sorry but some may be. And it's not their fault altogether. You hated me for long for letting you know of my feelings." A guy, who likes a girl, may have no chance of winning her affection until he makes her well acquainted with him. But the girls like you, won't get boys near them until they pledge absolute friendship and honourable intentions. By faking his romantic interest to be a platonic one, a guy would still have a chance with the girl. Who knows the friendship could blossom into love. There is a bleak chance that the girl may fall in love with him.

I looked at him and studied him. He sounded serious and sincere. His eyes had certain truthfulness in them. He looked sure of himself. I wondered if Krishna, Vipul and Ratan liked me that way. I had received calls from Krishna after work about code issues which seemed insignificant and usually the talks proceeded to something more friendly. I had never seen Vipul leaving office desk before me. Were they trying to hit on me? What if they simply enjoyed my company? None of them ever made a pass at me. Was that because they were afraid of tarnishing their images in front of me?

I have never been proposed, for marriage, or relationship and then there's this guy who lets me know that he likes me but has also not proposed to me. Do guys fear proposing me?

As always, This guy left me ever confused than ever. I am not sure if I intrigue him as he says but he surely intrigues me. But why do I think so much about him. It would not have been the same with Vineet. He never confused me. In fact, he never elicited any feelings out of me expect pure reverence and adulation.

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