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Goldilocks and Three Bears #1
Goldilocks and Three Bears #1

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Once upon a time there were Three Bears, who lived happily together in a comfortable house in a wood. One of them was a little, small, wee Baby Bear; one was a middle-sized Mama Bear; and the other was a great, huge Papa Bear. They had each a bowl for their favorite food, porridge with milk and honey. There was a little bowl for Baby Bear, a middle-sized bowl for Mama Bear, and a great big bowl for Papa Bear. And they had each a chair to sit in; a little chair for Baby Bear, a middle-sized chair for Mama Bear; and a great big chair for Papa Bear. And they had each a bed to sleep in; a little bed for Baby Bear; a middle-sized bed for Mama Bear; and a great big bed for Papa Bear.

One day, after they had made the porridge for their breakfast, and poured it into their bowls, they walked out into the wood for a walk while the porridge was cooling.

While the Three Bears were walking, a little girl called Goldilocks wandered by the house. First she looked in at the window, and then she peeped in at the keyhole. She saw nobody in the house, but to be sure she knocked on the door and no one answered. Goldilocks was usually a good girl, and she knew she should not enter a house uninvited, especially if the family was not home. But she was in an especially mischievous mood, and turned the handle of the door. The door was not locked, because the Bears were good Bears, who did nobody any harm, and never suspected that anybody would harm them. So Goldilocks opened the door, and went in; and well pleased she was when she saw the porridge on the table. If she had waited patiently outside till the Bears came home, perhaps they would have asked her to breakfast; for they were good Bears—a little rough as the manner of Bears is, but very good-natured and hospitable. But the porridge looked and smelled delicious, and Goldilocks set about helping herself.

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