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Adhithya Sakthivel

Others Action Thriller

Army: The Real Heroes

Army: The Real Heroes

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After the Pulwama attack near Kashmir borders of India, which was orchestrated by the Pakistani groups through a car (full of bombs), the Indian Government is serious and anger against Pakistan's atrocious activities.

The Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, and the cabinet ministers holding Amit Shah and other leaders, forms a clue and cancels the special constitution for Kashmir and also forbids Article 365.

Enraged with the sudden action, the terrorists plan to create riots and clashes all over the Kashmir especially, after the Surgical strike. However, after learning about the terrorist's evil plans, for three months, Kashmir is left under a total lockdown and after the COVID-19 pandemic, everything gets under the peaceful, and peoples start their normal life.

However, a new threat comes in the form of a terrorist leader named, Malik Muhammad, who operates from Bangladesh. During the Independence Day and Republic Day, he plans three schedules with his head, Irfan Khan and Abdul Bihlal. As per the first plan, they plan to attack New Delhi through a train blast in New Delhi.

Later, a tourist place across Old Delhi is placed as Plan-B. Then, a place near Andhra Pradesh, Bhimavaram is planned as C and this is kept secret by Malik as he wishes to inform his colleagues when the chance comes.

The Indian Army is left a threat by the groups and the Colonel. Muhammad Maideen Khan forms a special meeting with Major General. Akhil, Captain Amit, and Captain Sathya for the threat call and asks them to perform an undercover mission in New Delhi, Old Delhi, and a place named Bhimavaram, near Andhra Pradesh where assassination is going to be orchestrated by the terrorist groups.

The names this operation as "Operation India" as the plan that the Indian Army is going to do is the one which is going to impact the huge number of peoples across India and brings a change in them especially among the women's, whose family has fears to marry off them to a police or Indian Army peoples.

Captain Sathya, Captain Amit, and Major Akhil lands in New Delhi and starts to live as a common man and observes the areas of Muslim peoples and they too get support from two more Muslim friends Sultan and Kadhar, who assures them to inform mysterious peoples around the place.

When Akhil, Sathya, and Amit were living in the areas of Hindu and Muslim sides, they were touched and impressed with the cultures, traditions, and the unity of these two common religions. Akhil prays to the god for this continuous peace.

However, now Malik's two men, as discussed above, the two peoples, Irfan Khan and Bihlal enters into Assam Borders and reach New Delhi residents where, they meet Sultan and Kadhar's friends, Qasim and Ansari.

With the help of both, Irfan Khan and Bihlal takes shelter in a tent near the place and plans for the bomb blasts during the Independence day near New Delhi's office. Here, Sultan and Kadhar hear about their plans by secretly following and eventually, informs this to Akhil.

Irfan plans to send Bihlal as a human bomb to New Delhi's office and he too eventually agrees after Irfan brainwashes him that, he is doing it to destroy the Hindu population and tells him to think about the welfare of Muslim peoples.

Here, Qasim and Kadhar realize that terrorists like Irfan and Malik are money-minded businessmen and they are not working for the welfare of peoples. Hence, Qasim and Kadhar meet Akhil and his friends in their residence and apologizes to them for their misunderstanding about the nation.

In-between Akhil's mission, Akhil meets a Tamil college student named, Nisha and he is predominate, inspired by her social service and care for the nation. Disguising himself as an employee in a private company in Delhi, he takes shelter in Nisha's house and decides to prevent the terrorist attack with his teammates.

The Independence day also comes and Akhil with Sathya and Amit, goes to the spot and Nisha suspects the trio to be terrorists after noticing their house in her place. Hence, Nisha informs the Delhi Police station and eventually, Akhil and the duo are stopped, and using this as an opportunity, Bihla enters into the New Delhi office and Akhil tries to say this to the police officers, but in vain as they refuse to believe him.

As planned, Bihlal blasts down the office, eventually killing some of the ministers and 14 innocent peoples. And the police officers, now realize their mistakes and also apologizes to Akhil and his teammates after they reveal to them as Indian Army officers.

Nisha also apologizes to Akhil after hearing his true identity and offers her full support. She is proud to know his mission to save India and gradually develops a romantic interest for Akhil. However, Akhil is keen to save India and create awareness about Patriotism in the minds of younger students.

To the luck, Akhil has not shared his undercover mission to the police officers, and hence, they don't worry about the police's interference. With the help of Qasim, Sultan, and Kadhar, Akhil learns the plan B of Malik and Irfan and plans to destroy this plan successfully.

They further hope that this time Malik will himself land in India after Irfan gets killed. During 8 months before the Republic day on January 21, Akhil gets well-trained physically while also training up some of his well-known Muslim and Hindu youths physically with army training in Nisha's house.

They create awareness about the importance of patriotism and sacrifice among the minds of peoples and tries to bring a change among them. Akhil also writes a book named India and it's future, where he depicts Secularism and Unity with the examples of great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Nethaji a.k.a., Subash Chandra Bose, K.Kamaraj and Rajagopalachari. His book gets a national widen and the people eventually turn responsible and tries to live united including the villages. 

The Indian Prime Minister is impressed and touched with the hard-work of Akhil's books and decides to find the book's author to praise him as Akhil has written the book in the pen name of Sakthi: The savior. Our Indian Prime Minister eventually finds out that, Akhil has written the book and he is a Major in the Indian Army.

He decides to postpone his planning to go for Bhimavaram district in Andhra Pradesh and decides to meet Akhil in his hometown, Pollachi near Coimbatore where he grew up and studied. Learning of this, Malik and Irfan changes their plans of bomb blasts in Bhimavaram and instead plans to orchestrate bomb blasts in the entire Coimbatore district, though they were planning to find the author of the book and kill him.

The Indian Prime Minister meets Akhil and praises him for his patriotism and immense welfare for the nation. He encourages him to fight for the country's welfare. Now, the Republic day comes in Old Delhi, and Irfan, with his henchman, decides to enter the place quietly and create destruction.

However, to their horror, from the youths till the old peoples from Muslims to Hindus are united and they destroy Irfan's henchman with the help of Akhil's Indian Army training.

Now, Akhil shoots down Irfan, and Irfan asks him, "Thousands of people are there to destroy India like me and Malik. What are you going to do those peoples?"

"Peoples like you are only thousands. But, unity does not form thousands but an infinity. Indians can never be destroyed" said Akhil and he shoots Irfan.

Hearing Irfan's death, Malik vows to destroy Coimbatore at any costs and decides to land in India. Now, Malik's main motive for these terrorist plans, is to kill our Indian Prime minister and this forms as his main motive. Nisha, Akhil, Sathya and Amit goes to Coimbatore and meets Akhil's family members, who invites them all warmly.

Even the dean of PSG College of Arts and Science, (where Akhil has completed his Bachelor of Commerce in Computer Applications with an inter-disciplinary course of Criminalistics) feels proud of Akhil and also asks our Indian Prime Minister as a special chief guest with Akhil for a speech.

Malik perfectly plans and decides to assassinate the Prime minister on his way to the PSG College of Arts and science near Peelamedu and also takes Nisha as a hostage. He threatens Akhil to be silent or else will Kill Nisha.

However, while Malik is talking with Akhil, Nisha escapes and manages to reach Akhil. Infuriated, Malik challenges Akhil to save the Prime Minister, as he is going to be assassinated by a man orchestrated by him in the College.

Akhil rushes to save the Prime Minister but, as the time was very limited. However, a teacher for Akhil calls him and informs him that the Prime Minister has come to their college and it is he, who has not yet come for the place.

Akhil gets shocked and opens the news channel in his phone. There he watches the assassinators being caught by the youths and beaten up severely. They also says that, "It's because of Akhil that, we realized the importance and welfare of our country. Hats-off to you Akhil sir. Jai hind!!!"

Akhil feels proud of impacting the peoples about the importance of Patriotism and Unity. Malik, after hearing the news, gets shocked and he commits suicide out of guilt. Our Prime Minister now talks about the importance of Humanity and the sacrifices that have been undergone by our Indian Army and Police officers.

He further praises Akhil for his bravery and awards him as the Best Officer and Best Citizen. Everyone from Nisha to Amit and Sathya feels proud and happy after seeing this. Later, Akhil is instated as a RAW Agent and here, the same Colonel Muhammad Maideen Khan is put as his mentor.

"Akhil. How did you feel about this mission?" asked Muhammad Maideen Khan.

"Our Mission has not yet over, sir," said Akhil.

"Why?" asked the Colonel.

"Peoples like Malik will be coming to destroy India through any costs, sir. Hence, our duty is to protect the nation from those criminals. The war is still prolonging, sir." said Akhil.

"What's our next mission?" asked Muhammad Maideen Khan.

"Our plan to change the minds of people has been a success, sir. However, it's temporary. If we are the real heroes of the nation, we have to be more active in-order to nab the plans of terrorists, sir." Said Akhil.

"Ok, Akhil. We have some doubts about anti-social parties in India, I mean some of them are told to have connections with terrorists for their own behalf. Hence, you are asked to watch the political leaders and their activities. Be undercover and Jai Hind." Said Muhammad Maideen Khan.

"Jai Hind, sir. I will be back with good news for you" said Akhil, thus he hints that a next awareness is going to be placed in the minds of people.

Like Akhil, there comes a guy named Sakthivel a.k.a, Sakthi. He takes Akhil as his role-model and inspiration to fulfill his dreams to join in the Indian Army under Air Force. When Akhil came to PSG college of Arts for delivering the message. Sakthi was eagerly waiting to hear his speech as he was also the student in the college having been attending NCC under Air Wing.

Now, Sakthi has completed his army training under Air Force and is a Major in the Indian Army following up with so many operations and missions. Sakthi too is now given a mission to secretly watch the corrupt politicians and their involvement with the terrorists.

After Sakthi sees Akhil in his mission to trap a politician in Coimbatore district, they join hands and decides to expose the corruption and bring a change to the society. Knowing that, the government officers and politicians cannot be exposed so easily, Akhil and Sakthi decide to form a partnership and both of them write a book called, "India and it's future."

In the book, without revealing the name of the author in the book, Akhil and Sakthi expose the sand mining, gangsters, drug trafficking, and corruption in India. Despite these, Sakthi mentions about the freedom fighters, Bharathiyar, Mahatma Gandhi, and Subash Chandra Bose, who fought for our freedom.

Finally, they come to the topic of the Indian Army, Defense officers, and their struggle to protect the nation. But, because of some politician's corrupt nature and greed for money, people get misunderstood and often have a communal or religious clash. They ask the people to change into good and fight against the corrupt system.

After publishing this book, some political leaders and drunkards goes into protests and asks the author of the book to be arrested. But, the government manages to evacuate the party leaders. Some days later, peoples start to rebel against the corrupt politicians and the individuals who are deceiving the peoples and this marks a serious tension for the ruling party in all over India.

Eventually, some of the states and the Union government reforms and brings an act to abolish corruption in India. Despite following the opposition of political leaders, this is implemented and all the corrupt peoples are arrested some days later.

As Akhil and Sakthi's mission is accomplished successfully, they inform this to General. Muhammad Maideen Khan, who congrats them both while they both salutes the Indian flag which was flying in joy near a school and tells Jai Hind!

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