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Children Inspirational

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Soham : "Pappa, It's been a long time since you told me a story. Please tell me one. " (Soham, a young boy of 10 years insisted his father to tell him a story).


Pappa (Soham's father Rakesh) : " Okay Son, listen carefully. I’m going to tell you one of the most important stories!"


Story Begins.....


"It was 9 in the morning on Aug 1, 2018. Kamal walked out of his home and started moving towards the bus stop (he had to catch a bus for work). Suddenly, he saw a huge crowd passing by with candles in their hands. Kamal thought that why this candle march was so silent. He grabbed his head if there had been any incidences that has happened generally for which people usually do a candle march. He thought a lot and couldn't find any reason for the candle march. There was no murder of innocents, etc.


While he contemplated, someone from the crowd approached him and handed him a piece of paper with a candle. The man disappeared into the crowd before Kamal could react. Kamal opened that piece of paper and found a note written onto it.




Kamal didn’t understand anything, but as note, he lighted up the candle and started walking with the crowd.


After walking for around 15 minutes, crowd reached a huge ground where there was big stage and a young man in his 20’s stood there. As crowd approached near, the young man started speaking, "Hello everyone, You guys might be thinking what has happened? What is this candle march for, even though there hasn’t been any wrong deed lately? and so many similar questions. My friends! Until now we have candle marches after the occurrence of any wrong deed. A wrongdoing due to which entire humankind gets moved and has to look down. But this time we are conducting this candle march for some incidences which has not happened yet and will surely happen in the future". 

Everyone in crowd was stunned thinking of what this reason could be. The young man continued. He insisted everyone to watch the audio visual. (There stood a huge screen and a projector arranged on the ground) After the guy’s instruction,  a video was played on the screen.


Video playing*********


A very cute and innocent child of 5 years:


Little boy :Pappa Thoda paani do, pyas lagi hai! (Please give me some water, I am thirsty).


Pappa : Kitna pani piyega, subah se leke pura aadha liter pani pi gaya hai. Abhi 2 ghante pahele hi to pani piya tha (How much water will you drink son? You have already drank half a litre water since the morning and the last time you drank was just two hours back).


This video went on for another 5 mins where the child begged his father for water but kept on getting scolded instead.


Video stopped******


The young man on stage in his deep voice, “So do you guys think that this father is wrong for not giving water to his child?”. Everyone agreed by saying YES. The man continued, “I thought so, and this is exactly where the entire humankind should feel ashamed. This is just a video for now but it wont take much time to turn to reality. Maybe a few decades. And that's the sole reason we are having this candle march in advance.

The way we consume water these days is exacerbating our future. I’m sure that everyone of you, being a parent, must have selected good schools for your kids. Furthermore, from financial plans to educational plans, you all must have made a lot of plans for your child’s future. But trust me, those plans will hold no value in future if you can't provide enough drinking water to them”.


Think think and think......."


The young man ended his speech with words that left the entire audience questioned. Kamal, somewhere in that crowd, stood up thinking how veracious it was. His mind completely lost in thoughts like how can this be avoided?


With these words, Rakesh ended his story. To his surprise, he saw Soham getting up from his seat as he walked out of the room. Rakesh questioned "Where are you going?" to which Soham solemnly replied “Going to check if all the taps are properly closed and none is left opened or dripping. I don't want to be ACCUSED for not saving water for the future generations”.


Do YOU want to be ACCUSED?...........

water save parents schools future taps generation

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