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College Life And Real Life
College Life And Real Life

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It was his first day of college. Rachit was excited and worried as well. Excited about adding wings to his dream by securing a seat in his dream college. Worried about how he will adjust in his college.

He was already suffering from heartbreak, the heartbreak of separating from his best friend, Kinshuk, who had always been with him since last ten years.

Being an introvert he had always been reluctant to make new friends. On the way to his college he talked to his parents to take their blessings. And then he called his soul brother, he was also worried about him. He boosted him by saying that the golden years of his life are awaiting him and he should welcome them with open arms without any worry. As he entered the college, he saw many unknown faces, which made him feel more nervous. He scanned the college building from bottom to top, took a deep breath and told himself, "Welcome Mr Rachit to your dream college."

After listening to the motivating welcome speech by the principal he went to the classroom to attend his first lecture. The class was full of freshers. As usual the extroverts were busy in conversing and laughing and thus dominating the classroom with their loud voice. For a second he envied them, how could they make themselves so comfortable within a few minutes of meeting with new people. Then he saw the introverts seated in the corner of the classroom and joined them. He exchanged casual conversation with them and made himself comfortable.

The day went well and soon he was added to his section's whatsapp group accompanied by all his classmates. The coming days, the group was flooded with the messages regarding official information, assignment, notes, festival, wishes and sometimes friendly banter between the cool guys of his section. He started liking his classmates and loved his college life. But soon the group went silent apart from few important official messages. And a new whatsapp group was created. This time the group consisted of 15 members, with whom he met daily, had friendly hugs and chats, enjoyed fresher's party and fest. But by the end of the first year, this group also went silent. And again a new whatsapp group was created named, "Buddies for life". The group consisted only 5 members, the ones with whom he hanged out in college classroom, canteen or anywhere outside. Time passed and its not that the group was flooded with hundreds of messages daily but there were atleast fifteen to twenty messages daily. And thus his college life became beautiful with these four friends.

On the day of farewell he was thinking about his college life. How he was feeling like an alien on his first day of college but then suddenly started enjoying his college life. How he started liking his classmates and then his friend circle decreased to 15 and then finally to the ultimate 5 with whom he will remain friend forever. Though there were some friends whom he wanted to add in "Buddies for life" but then they had their own friend circle and priorities.

That's how life is, we enter here as an alien. We may like a number of people but then not everyone is going to be with us forever. Some will walk away in middle not because they hate us, it's just that their priorities or liking are different from us. And only few will be scribed to our lifeline who will be with us forever to laugh our laugh and cry our cry.

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