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A Pen Well Penned
A Pen Well Penned

© Manasvi Patil

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I stood in the darkest corner of the room, all alone, with no one to talk to or play with. A thick layer of dust surrounded me. Tickling cobwebs were all around me. I remembered those golden days of fun we had together. He was my best friend, Rohan. I was his lucky charm and called me as 'his lucky pen' and now I am just trash.

My name is PARKER 360 and this is my story. I was born in a huge factory. I had a beautiful golden shining belt and an elegant jet black body. I was gently placed in a velvety red box with a golden satin silky bed to rest on. In golden letters 'PARKER 360' was printed on the box. Rohan's dad gifted me to him on his fourteenth birthday.

"Wow! This pen is so elegant. I loved it!" he exclaimed followed by a tight hug. For all his exams and tests he used me. He always got good marks and declared me as the reason and that was the time from when I became his 'lucky charm'.

I loved to swiftly and smoothly run down the soft pages of his leather diary knowing what he felt, which sometimes was so touching and emotional that brought tears in my eyes. Sometimes it was so irritating that it made me red out of anger and at times it was so delightful and joyful that it brought a cute smile on my face.

It was a soulful morning. The tinted amber sky was accompanied by a melodious chirping of sparrows. A cool breeze swept calmly through the sky. The trees were swaying in a systematic synchronised manner as if they were dancing all together. Suddenly an unappealing sobbing sound caught my attention. Rohan came in running and sat on the chair moaning and bellowing continuously.

I wanted to ask him what had happened but I couldn't. Even though they say that 'A pen is mightier than a sword' a pen can't even stand on it's own or even write anything on it's own. He accidentally dropped me. It dented my nib and cracked my body. "Aaaaaahhhhhh!", I wailed.

He then left the room. I didn't notice him for days. After a few days I saw a few workers packing bags. After enquiring a few other pens I understood that Rohan and his mother were shifting to another state.

After hearing this I was completely moved. After some time I lost my conscience. When I was awake I could only see darkness that had enveloped me. The only thing I remembered was seeing Rohan leave.

Now I hope that you keep me safe and take me out of this emotional place.

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