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Me And My Friends Make A Cart
Me And My Friends Make A Cart

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When I was about 8 or may be 9 years old, one day, I was watching my favorite cartoon show and from that I got an idea of making a cart, actually, a cart with a steering! Isn’t that sounds to be Interesting, of course it does. That day onwards, I just started planning, what would be needed, how much time it would take and the most exciting part was to tell this to my friends because without them it was impossible. It took me about 3 days to collect all the material required; arranged a carton, distorted a hanger to make a steering out of it and to collect the riffles. But even then things were incomplete. They lacked some decorating stuff which was perhaps the most important part if I wanted my friends too to ride it. And then came the day when I had to tell this all to my friends and also to be ready to listen their interesting suggestions to decorate it. We were sitting under a peach tree and were having general conversations when I added the idea of making a cart. They were not surprised, which I expected. But when they heard that everything was ready except the decoration stuff, I felt a little energy rising in them. May be because now they have to give just the suggestions. One told to decorate it with leaves to give it a natural look, the other added to use the twigs also to enhance appearance. Then someone gave the idea of embellishing it with metal wires and colorful marbles. The idea was kinda good but it was somewhat difficult. One told we should decorate it with buttons, ruffles and ribbons. The idea was taken for once but then one of my friends interrupted and said that they had to make a steering cart, not a baby cot!


Perhaps, he was right. Even I didn’t want our cart to look too gaudy. Finally we decided to decorate it with flowers and petals. It was not difficult to paste them on the carton, they looked beautiful, were natural and the best thing was that they have a wonderful smell. Next morning we met around10:00 a.m at our spot, remember that peach tree…that one. We were feeling very excited. It was difficult to collect so many flowers so we took two baskets for collection. Three groups were made with two members in one team and the last group consisted just one of my pal as we were only 5. A bucket was arranged for the third group. We spread in the garden and started collecting the prettiest flowers in the garden. After that we again met under the tree after half an hour approximately. After that we had all the stuff and now it as the time to start with the cart. It was my home where we decided to make that cart. At first, we separated the dissimilar flowers and then started pasting them on the carton. After completing all the four sides, now it was time to fix the steering which was made out of an old hanger. It was not as easy as it seemed to be. You know, just a hanger and nothing else. I mean how’s that possible. But when my friends were there with me nothing was impossible. An idea generated in our mind to fix the hanger by using a stick but for that we need to make the base for the hanger to change it into a steering. One boy in our group did so. After that we searched for a stick and cut it into a desirable size. Then we fixed it on the inner side of the carton in the middle of one side and tied that steering on that stick. At last we pasted a craft sheet on the inner side of the carton and bob’s our uncle. But till that time we got so much tired that we hadn’t enough energy to do more.

Note-: here, ‘do more’ refers to ride and play.

  • We said goodbye to each other and spent our whole night in the dreams of riding a cart, made by ourselves.
  • Next morning, it was the most glorious morning for me. I woke up with so much enthusiasm. That day was the day to take a ride on the most beautiful cart of this world. I got ready, did my breakfast and was ready to take a look at our newly made cart. It was with me and was lying in the backyard. I went there with my greatest energy I ever had. But that energy soon got changed into disappointment, not because cart was stolen or damp due to rain but because it was no more a pretty cart. The flowers we pasted the previous day were all withered. There was no use of doing such hard work and it was all because of my silly mistake never thought about it. The biggest fear was how to tell this all to my friends? They will never talk to me if they came to know about the whole thing. We strived too hard, but all was in vain . Anyways,I went to my friends house ,who was my neighbor too, and found that everyone was their. They were looking so happy and energetic that I was not able to collect enough guts to tell them about what had happened to the cart. I thought I will just sit quietly and won’t say anything and they will forget about that cart. I did so. Everything was going on a fine line until one of my friends asked me about that cart .I was speechless! What to say? It took me about 10seconds to make a fake story but I don’t know why I told them the truth. It happened the same as I anticipated. They all were upset and started shouting on me and told that it would had been better if I would not have given them that idea .Atleast ,it  would have saved their lot of time and hard work. They said me to leave, in  their most untuned voice. I never felt so gloomed ever.
  • I returned my home in a really depressed mood. My mother asked what had happened to me but I quietly walked into my room. I stayed on weeping until I heard someone tapping the door. I went to open the door and what I saw was out of question. My dearest friends were standing at the door with their most Amusing grins ever seen .I apologized for whatever had happened and they said that their was no need to be regretted .If they can accompany me at the time of blast then they are ready to face the consequences too. Just 10 or 15 minutes before, I was thinking everything is over and now it was like everything calmed. It was really a pleasant moment when all my friends were sitting there with me, cracking jokes to make the wind still. But, one question still left. What to do with the cart? It was still lying in the backyard inactively. Now it was the time to provide it a new look.
  • The idea adopted was to beautify it with handmade paintings my friends were the best painters in this world because even after not knowing what they are tying to make, they made the masterpieces brought up the things like pastels, water colors, sheets, and scissors and some stars and gems. We opened up a mat which was standing rolled up at the corner of the courtyard and spread the things on that mat and we ourselves sat on the grass. We were oafs, weren’t we? I guess no, because at that time may be sitting on the grass gave us more pleasure than being sat on the mat .Anyways, we started with our work. My sister was just about 3 or 4 years old but she too involved in the task. After 1 hour we had a heap of paintings lying idly on mat. Then, I brought the cart from the backyard and the second things to do were remove the dried flowers to replace them with the pictures. It was not so easy. It seemed to be little herculean as we had pasted them with duct tape and it was really hard to remove it from that cart. But at last it was done. New pictures were pasted on the cart. They were looking beautiful.
  • But yet something was missing and what was it we don’t know.
  • After 3 minutes, actually, three thoughtful minutes we realized that we had forgotten to attach the wheels. But then, it was not possible, so what to do now? Then we decided to play with it without wheels as we had not power left in ourselves to hunt for the spare wheels and then to think how they could be attached to the cart .Moreover, we were getting anxious by every moment to ride it. At first, two sat inside the cart and the remaining three had to push it. It was cumbersome. It seemed like the more force we applied, the cart was applying the double in return. It didn’t slide at all. For about 15 minutes we were engaged in pushing that cart forward but it didn’t moved even a single cm. Then, we decided to push the cart with just one person so it will be easy for us to push and the cart will move too. We did the same. This time the cart made some distance, but it was not playful .even the rider was not enjoying the cart-ride.
  • Finally that cart was used to play hit and target. We took the cart to the garden and collected some peach and put that cart at a distance so that it could be used as a barrel to get those peaches inside.


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