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Dream To Die
Dream To Die

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As I read the topic for the contest, I could immediately relate to this great personality. He is none other than the great Indian scientist DR. APJ ABDUL KALAM. As he says, dreams are not that will appear in our sleep, they are something that will never let you sleep. He is a personality who has not only just quoted this above saying but he has also lived according to what he said. Hailing from a very poor family from Rameshwaram, he was able to achieve such great heights only because he had dreams. He converted every dream of him into thoughts and transformed them into action.

There is a saying that a person is said an orphan only when he does not have any goals and dreams and not when he is physically alone. Yes, that is a power of dream. It is really important for every person and at every stage of our lives.

Dreams at any point will help you stay focused, be productive always and will bring out the best in you. Dreams should always be of high standards. It needs to be challenging. Of course, we might face lots of obstacles in the process but failures are a stepping stone to success. Each setback is a new facet of life. Irrespective of your dreams coming true, having goals and working for it is vital. Dreams can be of any sort - like getting a job in a specific company or to be a topper of the class etc, for e.g. if a person wants a job in his dream company, he should work consistently with perseverance and passion to reach the place. He needs to figure out what needs to be done to reach there and execute that. So planning and execution are two important things needed to live the dream.

I conclude saying that irrespective of the type of dream, each individual should have a dream which he should die for. He should make an effort to live his dream.

Dream live dream effort APJ ABDUL KALAM Inspiring Orphan

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