Aryan Sethi

Abstract Drama Inspirational


Aryan Sethi

Abstract Drama Inspirational

Life - let's meet up someday...... Life se seedhi baat

Life - let's meet up someday...... Life se seedhi baat

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If I could go back in time

I wonder would you be again mine

I wish I had a bond so strong

Let's meet up some day, it's been really long. 

Attached to you with the strongest twine

Let's meet up someday, try being mine.

I see you seldom around me now 

Walking with people young and old 

Let's meet up someday, embrace me, am cold. 

I wonder how we grew apart

I was careless, but you could have held along 

Let's meet up someday, come sing me a song. 

I still remember your touch, your caress 

Don't know why I made it a mess

Your bright eyes still make me smile

Let's meet up someday, and walk a mile. 

Still sometimes I smile over a cup of coffee 

I wonder 

How a coffee cup could make me feel

Was it the coffee or was it you? 

Let's brew some coffee and relive the zeal 

Balloons, candies butterflies and birds 

All my treasure was long back raided, 

I look back and see you holding my treasure

All those memories have still not faded. 

I'm tired to reach back or stand

Let's meet up soon, lend me a hand.

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