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Jefrin Baby

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Body Shaming

Body Shaming

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Her thighs were hefty

Different from that of her family gene.

Her plump bubbly face

And honey bun like cheeks

Made her look like the fairest cute panda.

Her dimples were the beautiful mark

Where the Goddess of Beauty resides in.

Her belly fat were her natural pillows

She could hold for herself in the night.

Stepped in a strange relative who 

Works well on breaking hearts.

Commented on her bulky body

Compared with her family members.

Little fluffy's heart shattered

Pouring tears down her eyelids. 

I hugged her tight at the time right

Wiped her tears giving her hope.

Don't shame others looks for they suffer

Internally, fighting their own battles

Physically and mentally.

Dark skin is still healthy and being skinny isn't anemic

Bulky body is still adorable and grey hair is still charming

Short hair is still cute and streach marks are like Zebra stripes

Belly fat is still sexy and pimple marks always add beauty. 

Every being is made with numerous defect

And never body shame for they are pointing out 

 Flaws on God's marvelous creation! 

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