Bijjal Maru

Abstract Inspirational

Bijjal Maru

Abstract Inspirational

Circle Of Love

Circle Of Love

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An unending struggle ensues,

Warmth insufficient,

Blanket inefficient,

The chilly wind relentlessly pursues.

Exhausted by this torment,

I surrender to the elements.

Rub my eyes open in protest,

The dark night jeers, in jest.

Overhead a beautiful spectacle unfolds

Spellbound, the eyes behold!

The beauty of the full moon, enhanced,

A bold halo around it, entranced!

The chilly wind whispers

The moon's saga; so far untold,

"The light it gave away for years

Returns today, multiplied manifold."

Darker the night

Greater the quiet

As I meditate and ruminate

My blessings; I contemplate.

Akin to this moon in sight,

Around me, is my rainbow of light

Why then this fright? What do I fight?

My circle of love is my might!

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