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Sambavi Parthasarathy



Sambavi Parthasarathy




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My lost faith in you will return never, unless;

My faded cloth will find it's colors never, unless;

The burning depth of my heart will get cooled never, unless;

The insomniac truth of not us but me alone will be false, unless;

The lovely myth of Shakespeare 's Romeo & Juliet will fail, unless;

My emotional wrath of your ignorance will be expressed, unless;

Unless, your both earnest eyes yearns for my love.

Even a millionth star will not attract you unless;

The pole north to you will not be invisible unless;

The pole south to you will not be north unless;

The Sanctimonious strength of your soul will not be lost unless;

Silently will teeth of yours not shake unless;

The azure youth of the sky will never dance colours unless;

Your quick breath will not fight for air unless;

Oceans of the earth will not be sweeter and drained of salt to you unless;

Days of a month will not be memorised for memories unless;

Your big mouth will never pause at loss of words unless;

Unless you ought to realise my true, deep love for you ...

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