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Geeta Gahlot


Trust In Relations

Trust In Relations

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Every relationship is born out of feelings, 

Visible or not but there is always a belonging, 

No stamp paper is signed, 

No terms and conditions are applicable, 

But the relations are totally working on the emotions which are intangible. 

They are meant to make life easier, 

No pains, troubles or problems, 

No doubt they make you smile, 

They never die their natural death, 

Unless crushed with selfish motives, ego or misunderstanding. 

The times are tough and broken relations are common, 

Tolerance and adjustment are not our weaknesses, 

Instead of talking to each other, we talk about each other, 

Sharing of feelings is essential, 

Life is so uncertain and time is less, 

Sit and talk about how you feel and express, 

Save your relations before you understand that they are only the assets you have.

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