shruti chowdhary

Abstract Drama Fantasy


shruti chowdhary

Abstract Drama Fantasy

Remember When

Remember When

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Is it a mirage of innocence?

To remember when the world 

Was bright and all things right 

Our hearts rejoiced,

On every summer night

Is it really to desire?

Tough times to laugh and cry

Of unspoken words and promises

To reach your dreams

In warm sunshine and in the rain

Is it really to cherish?

The long beach walk or the long talk

The passion and to ignite the fire

The birth of your child

The journey of your love 

Is it really an emotional discovery?

To grieve for the loss

Parents gone and feelings lost

Sharing, caring, and embracing

The pains, the heartaches of the world

Is it a human necessity?

Every time a new picture we paint

To keep alive the rainbow of love 

Pump our heartbeats to survive

Not only with food and water

But to connect our lives together

Between souls whose presence 

Gives you pleasure,

Make your journey of life

Meaningful and beautiful

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