Sulakshana Mishra

Abstract Drama


Sulakshana Mishra

Abstract Drama

Flicker of Hope

Flicker of Hope

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I dwell in possibilities,

I yearn for opportunities.

Even in the darkest hour,

Of my life,

I look for a flicker of hope

To survive.

When the darkness engulfs me

From all around,

I pray to the Lord

To let my flicker of hope 

To be found.

My faith in Lord is profound.

When even, the path is lost

And due to the toll from being exhaust

Heavily I pant!

Yet I never complain

I never lament.

Silently deep down in my heart

It is the name of the Lord

That I religiously chant.

I never give up

I keep moving on,

With all my passion, set on fire.

In the gloomy nights

My 'flicker of hope' inspires

To walk on the road, less travelled.

To follow my heart's desire.

Moving on in life is

All that I truly aspire.

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